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Tips on dealing with the haze

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Our yearly friend, the haze is back! Personally I’m feeling quite unwell from the haze and thus decided to share some tips on how to combat the dreaded haze!

1. Be informed.

Use apps or websites to check the PSI and 2.5 level to keep yourself prepared and updated. I use AQICN and Haze@SG app (recommendation from Bryan!)

2. Be prepared.


Arm yourself with a mask. I know that some pharmacies are sold out for the N95 masks. Try your best to get your hands on some of them soon!

3. Stay indoors.

Avoid spending much time (if you can!) outdoors. Also try to reduce exerting yourself outdoors such as working out. Perhaps consider a gym or an indoor pool instead?

4. Try to keep calm and cool

Close windows and try to depend on your trusty aircon. If you have an air purifier, it is best that you utilise it during this hazy period. If you do not have air-con like I do, try to stay in air-conditioned areas as much as possible.

5. Be cool.

Or well, try to take cooling drinks during this period. At least thats what my cheena ching chong friends tell me to do.

6. Get out of here.

If all else fails, get out of Singapore. Go for a good trip and beat the haze. If only my honeymoon happened during the haze period. LOL.

If you have any other tips on dealing with the haze, please do comment! Would love to hear from you!

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