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Why you should declutter your (social media) life

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With the recent #InstaPurge, there were lots of hoohah over bought followers, bots, unethical users of hashtags (e.g. hash tagging irrelevant hashtags, getting likes and THEN deleting those hashtags) etc.

I personally lost a considerable amount of followers on Instagram but I’ve never bought followers. Come on lah, who would be so wuliao to buy followers and yet have such a low engagement rate (e.g. likes and comments on your social media posts). As someone working in Social Media, followers are a nice number but engagement rate is way more important than the number of followers to me.

As both a marketer and a blogger, I welcome the #InstaPurge, in fact, they should do this for Twitter and Facebook. Goodbye to spammy accounts, bots etc!

But honestly, come to think of it #InstaPurge is good. I’ve been doing “The Purge” on Facebook a couple times a year.

Sometimes I unfollow or unfriend people on my social media channels. Why so?

Here are my reasons why you should declutter your (social media) life.

1. Posts are no longer of interest

We all have those friends that overshare. Hell, I overshare all the time. You can’t tell the person NOT to share aspects of their lives. That’s just plain rude. (I was once told to cut down posting pictures of my husband on Instagram. WTF yo?!) Instead unfollow or unfriend (the more drastic way).

2. One may have became a “familiar stranger”

We all suffer from this problem. Probably added someone eons ago e.g. During my polytime. Which was what? 10 years ago? Hardly keep in contact, hardly interested. And read point 1.

If I don’t feel comfortable with that person on my feed, I’ll unfriend or unfollow. Don’t judge me for that. But MY Facebook isn’t a friend collector area wor.

3. Prefer to have a closer group on FB etc

Hell, I don’t even add the mothership on Facebook. Just because.

4. Asshats and Negative people.

‘Nuff said. People who persists on posting nasty things. Why let things like that affect you? I won’t. I usually choose to agree to disagree when there is no point saying more. For those who share lots of ‘hate’ or negativity on their social media feeds, I choose to either unfollow (on Facebook you can unfollow but yet remain as friends) or unfriend totally.


I mean, you have a choice to share right? I have a choice to not read it right? If one can declutter their room, why not their life? I don’t get the big deal about being unfollowed, unfriended, unliked.

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