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Why I Hate Buying Things Back For People

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In the past few years, I traveled to places like Korea, USA and Europe. And with traveling to such places, usually comes buying requests.

One thing I don’t understand is why are there still buying requests these days. Perhaps years ago, I’ll understand. Maybe online shopping wasn’t that popular back then and it might be pretty hard to purchase things like Korean cosmetics online.

I personally really hate buying requests. This is why I feel so.

1. It’s Troublesome.

People do not realise that when we travel, it is for our leisure, our shopping and our enjoyment. If you are giving a huge shopping list to someone, you are inconveniencing the person to look for the things you need, giving up luggage space and having to part with some of their shopping money for your convenience.  I don’t see why I must go out of my way to search for other people’s barang barang.

Also, if I had offered to help you buy things, then so be it. I have had people whom I’m not close to that were so thick skinned to ask me to buy things for them. A friend’s friend (i.e. NOT my friend) actually asked me to help her buy stuff.


Are you seriously kidding me?

2. If you wanted a souvenir, you’ll get one. Of my choice.

There are those who demand for what they would like as a souvenir.


Again, the beauty about souvenirs, is that you get what I choose for you. Not you choose your own souvenir. Again, last checked, it’s a shopping trip for me. Not you. (Unless you are the mothership then you rule supreme.)

3. Lack of Luggage Space

For example, my trip to Europe. Needless to say, I bought bags for myself and my family. Those bags take up a lot of space. My trip was for 3 weeks, I had lots of my own shit in my luggages.

seriously meme


I have had people tell me ‘can lah. you can make space’. Again, your convenience or mine?

4. Fickle minded fella.

For those that I actually didn’t mind buying stuff for, I have had experiences where the said party couldn’t decide what design they’ll like.


Am I supposed to take pictures of everything, send it to you and wait for your response? Read: Different Time Zones.

If you want something, jolly well make my life easy.

5. Getting money back is just so hard. i.e. PAY ME BACK BITCH!


While this didn’t happen to me, it happened to my friend recently. During her holiday, she helped one of her friends to buy for her something. Passed the item to the said person, passed her account details to that person and that person buat bodoh (act blur). After constant reminders, she finally paid after 4 months. WTF. When the girls and I heard about it, we were amazed at how thick-skinned the person was. Tsk tsk.

6. Tax Rebate’s queues are mutha-parking-long


If I’m not buying anything that I’ll have to claim tax rebate, I’ll be damn pissed if I have to queue up for so long for you. You know that savings you get from buying stuff overseas? It’s actually cost on my end. My time, my effort and my luggage space. Can I bill it to you?


I realllllly hate buying things back for people. I even had to reply people who buzzed me “Hi!!!!” when I was in Europe “If you are asking me to buy things for you, I can’t.”

And come on lah guys. You CAN buy your own shit online!!!!! Korea beauty products? Online! If not, there is The Face Shop, Etude House, Innisfree, Toly Moly everywhere in Singapore! Branded bags? Go Duty Free! Shopbop, Reebonz etc!

Or better still, why not go travel and buy it yourself? If you want it that bad, then go buy yourself la. Tsk.

Okay. Rant over. GRRRRRR!

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