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Dysport at CeleVenus Aesthetic Clinic

Before I turned 39, I visited CeleVenus Aesthetic Clinic for some help!

Picture taken by the lovely Carrie Sim

I had some forehead wrinkes and frown lines and honestly I wasn’t a fan of them. I wanted some help to reduce the lines and help “stop time” for a bit.

Spoke to the lovely Doctor Dylan and he was so gentle and calming to this needle phobic person!

We went for Dysport, courtesy of @galdermaaestheticssg and I loved the results! My lines have reduced quite a bit and these results will last for hopefully a year?

Dr Dylan actually recommended that treatment should be sought before the wrinkles happened. I should have visited him earlier!

I’m looking to do my laugh lines and under eyes next! Honestly am really keen on the neck lines but I a bit humchi. Will update if I do go for those!

These are my results! Thanks Dr Dylan and CeleVenus Aesthetic Clinic. Looking forward to our next visit!

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