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NamJosh headbands review + promo code

I love headbands. As a huge fan of Gossip Girl, I have always loved and adored Blair Waldorf’s style. Her headband style, her fashion, everything!

Needless to say, when I saw NamJosh headbands, I was extremely intrigued by them. Truthfully, they did approach me and offered to send 3 headbands over. I chose various designs as I wanted to showcase the different styles. Here were the 3 I chose!

My personal favourite would have to be Starry Glory. This cute piece showcases crystal beading. Love the colour, it’s super classic and can suit with many outfits, especially pastel ones!

Love this piece so much! Beautiful crystal embellishments.

I wanted to choose a very different look from Starry Glory, so I chose this beautiful embroidered piece called The Wild. There were so many beautiful embroidered pieces but I felt the best ones were the animal pieces. So pretty and great detail!

Last but not least was Cobalt Baroque. Featuring a very strong design with bejewelled crystals. The pop of colour from the fabric and crystals made the headband a very strong statement piece!

I loved the pieces so much that I purchased 4 more pieces on my own, from my own pocket! #notsponsored

The headbands are intricately made and are great at accessorising. There are various ways to accessorising your hair with them.

NamJosh has kindly given me a promo code: nadnut10 which offers 10% off. This code is stackable with other codes, such as their existing discounts. Get more bang with your buck by using my code!

Also, do take note that I’m an affiliate of NamJosh, this NamJosh headband review is not requested at all but as I really like the headbands, I wanted to post about them.

Will share about my 4 other headbands next time! Thanks NamJosh headbands for the opportunity again!

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