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Traveling with my best friend.

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As mentioned in my previous entry, my BFF had actually singlehandedly planned our Korea trip. Honestly, this Korea trip nearly did not happen. How was traveling with my best friend like?

When we were discussing about the trip last year, we were waiting for the keys for our BTOs. Both of us did not have a firm date on when we’ll receive the keys and were basically stabbing in the dark deciding on a suitable date to go.


After we’ve decided on the date and have made our ticket reservations, MERS happened. At that time, we were unsure whether to proceed. We were deliberating on changing destinations. I, personally was very reluctant to not proceed if we had to lose out money. LOL.


Then MERS seemed stable, and we discussed on what to do!

After that, I got pregnant. I tipped out Jace very early in my pregnancy. Way even before the pantang 12 weeks lol.


Our plans to go theme park, hiking, eat way too much seafood was thrown out of the window. She also considerably slowed down our pace for me as my energy level was lower than normal. Thankfully the trip coincided with the start of my second trimester and I was feeling less tired as compared to my first trimester.

Did we have fun? I think we did! We enjoyed ourselves, bought way too much stuff and we didn’t fell out unlike many horror stories we heard from friends on trips. HAHAHHAA.


Also, I think we had a good dynamic going on. Jace loved to plan for trips and I’m pretty chillax, can go anywhere as long as I have my food! hahahaha. Also, this wasn’t our first BFF trip together.


Would I want to do it again? Definitely! Perhaps Hong Kong this time? I have never been there! But gotta see how things go when Aidan appears. LOL.

Everyone should travel with their best friend! It’s an awesome experience 🙂 Will blog about the rest of the Korea trip soon!

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