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A few weeks ago, the family and I boarded Royal Caribbean Singapore's Voyager of the Seas for a family vacay.

Not sure if you guys remember this, but last year we experienced Mariner of the Seas when Aidan was 1 and I was pregnant with Davina back then. This time, we went back to Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas for a 5d4n trip which had stops at Port Klang and Phuket but we only disembarked at Phuket.

Here's my experience on bringing an infant and a toddler on a cruise! This time, I had more opportunities to try various activities and take more pictures as I wasn't pregnant and suffering from super bad morning sickness. Here's my tips on traveling with a newborn and a toddler on Royal Caribbean Cruise.

  • Bringing a stroller and a baby carrier (like a Tula) was the right idea.

Be kiasu. With a newborn, you'll like have to babywear all the way. Having a stroller means the newborn (or even the toddler) can lie down and nap. But of course, if you do not bring a stroller, you can always avoid taking the lifts and get to places faster.



But personally i feel that a cruise is one of the most relaxing holiday that you can take. Be kiasu, bring both carriers and strollers.

Plus a stroller is always a makeshift diaper changing table, especially if your room is far away.

  • Request for items earlier.

Once I boarded, I immediately requested for a playpen. I'm not sure how many they are, but I rather be kiasu and book asap. You can also make a request to book a playpen before your cruise!

Also, if you did not prebook your dining times earlier, (i.e. if you are on My Time Dining), you can either make a standing reservation (e.g. 5:30pm everyday) or you can book a day earlier. You can also make your reservation online via the Cruise Planner on Royal Caribbean's website pre-cruise!


Again, to avoid disappointments, we booked earlier and the same time each day.

  • Plan in advance for activities that you'll like to do.

Some of the activities that we really wanted to do was the Flowrider and Rock-climbing. We managed to get these activities done within the first two days.




Which was really lucky of us, because it rained the next two days. Phew! Skai really enjoyed the Flowrider so much that he queued over and over again for it.


Also, for most of the performances, do queue earlier to get good seats especially for the ice-skating show. It was fully booked when we went and we had to catch the next show. Highly recommended to go for it!


Back last year, Aidan enjoyed the shows. This time, he enjoyed it more! I felt that he understood it more and he really enjoyed the song and dances more this time.





Go for a swim, I like that they had movie screenings outdoor where families can just laze in the jacuzzi and watch the movies. Super nua and comfy activity!

  • Stay safe. Stick to the Main Dining Room if you have young kids or a big family.

While I do enjoy the buffet selections, I feel that having a dedicated table is more important. With young kids, it's tough to wait for tables especially when they get hungry and cranky. I prefer to eat at the Main Dining Room (ours was Sapphire Dining Room) and head to Windjammer for snacks if need be. Also with big families, it's kinda impossible to get a table altogether especially if you go at the peak timings.








Also, you get to enjoy dedicated service, quieter quality moments.


There are kids menu available where you can order items without salt too. Also, it's like an ala-carte buffet, you can order multiple servings.

    • Sleep in. Order breakfast in.





We order breakfast everyday just in case the kids can't wake up for breakfast.

  • Offshore excursions are fun!




We chose to disembark at Phuket and go for the Panoramic Tour where we had a tour of Phuket in the comfort of an air-conditioned bus. Honestly, there were other excursions where you can go on foot to explore Phuket and were more fun but we had to think of how feasible it would be carrying a newborn and a toddler. Don't bring the stroller along here! I made a huge mistake here.... I forgot to bring down any cash when we went to Phuket. Was too used to the just using our card on the cruise that I left my money in the safe. Oops. We missed out on all of the street food! SOBS.

  • Bring a nursing cover.


There isn't any nursing rooms if I remember correctly. A nursing cover means I could nurse anywhere anytime. Royal Caribbean is super family friendly, no one stared when I nursed in public.

  • If you can only choose one paid restaurant - choose Johnny Rockets!






If you have a fries monster son like I do, do check out Johnny Rockets. Just for one flat fee, you can enjoy all the yummy burgers, hotdogs, floats and fries to your heart's content. Till today, Aidan keeps asking for the fries place. Oops.

  • Most of all, just chill & have fun.


Things will happen. There will be tantrums, wailing, poonamis etc. But the beauty of a cruise is that you can stop anytime.


If the kids need a nap, dapao them back to the room.


If they pooed and needed a diaper change, go back to the room. Enjoy most of the facilities anytime. There is no rush I feel unlike when traveling elsewhere. A cruise is definitely a good starting point for traveling with young kids for the first time.

Thank you Royal Caribbean Singapore for the opportunity. While this trip was partially sponsored, opinions are my own and not obligated.

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Skai and I were planning for a holiday with Aidan, our toddler and we were thinking of a few destinations. We had visited Genting earlier this year via coach and was thinking of a cruise. Both Skai and I have visited cruises in the past and we loved the all-inclusiveness of cruises. Aidan was about 18 months old and have been eating solids. We thought that the cruise would be perfect for him. Meals were taken care of and if he needs his naps, we could go for it anytime!

We decided to book the Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas cruise. Here's our experience with our toddler!






Here's my experience with Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas with a 18 month old toddler and my suggested things to do!

1. Request for a playpen or any toys earlier.

Although Aidan still co-sleeps with us, we felt a playpen would be useful and it did! There were times where one of us was with Aidan and needed to use the washroom etc, we felt safe with Aidan in the playpen.

We had also brought a few toys so during playtime, Aidan played in the playpen with them.

Pro-tip: You can borrow toys from the Royal Babies & Tots nursery. As we brought our own, we decided to give this a miss so that other parents could borrow them!

2. Choose a good room.




We chose a room with a balcony which cost a bit more but we felt was a good move. It felt more spacious plus it was nice dining out in the balcony.




I think Aidan also found it interesting as he kept looking at the sea. Just to take note to always keep the balcony doors locked!


Pro-tip: Room service is chargeable except for breakfast. Do take the opportunity to order breakfast in bed! Or well, by the balcony for us!

3. Enjoy your food options.




Mariner of the Seas has a great variety of food options. While most people may prefer the buffet options at Windjammer, Skai and I love having our meals at the Main Dining Hall. Reason being, there are kids options there and having a dedicated server was extremely lovely.





Our server remembered our preferences and always prepared Aidan's meals in advance. And as fellow parents will know, feeding the kid first will save your sanity. HAHA. We did try out the food options at Windjammer etc but the Main Dining Hall was our personal favourite.




There are also cafes all around the cruise areas where they serve snacks such as hotdogs, pizza and ice-cream. Perfect for munchies!


Pro-tip: There are packet milk at Windjammer. Suitable for your kiddos. Also ask for the kids menu at the Main Dining Room. You can also make special requests for your meals e.g. without salt etc.

4. Take naps when needed.

While there are plenty of activities on board, please take things slow. Especially with a toddler. When needed, just take a nap. That's the whole point of traveling on a cruise, I felt!



Never ever fight the zzz monster. You'll just end up with a cranky kiddo.

5. Try out the various indoor activities.







Lots of interesting activities! We brought Aidan to watch various shows from magic shows to a 3D movie to lots of singing performances! His favourite would have to be the ice-skating show! It was amazing how he was captivated from start to finish. He got a bit restless at the 3D Batman Lego movie though so I conclude he loves live performances!

There are activities for everyone. Plenty of lovely shows, parades and activities!

6. Have fun at the outdoor activities.







While some of the activities were not suitable for Aidan e.g. like the rock-climbing and tennis, we made do! We had fun at the mini golf while I do not think Aidan knew what was going on, he had fun just playing!

7. Top up for experiences.






I know that cruises are all-inclusive and some people may not feel inclined topping up. But seriously, some experiences are really worthwhile! We topped up for the Dreamworks breakfast where we had a special breakfast menu and got to meet and enjoy performances from some of the Dreamworks characters!

Pro-tip: The Bottomless Galley Tour was extremely value for money. Free-flow of champagne and delicious food. Must go for the alcoholics! Aside from that, it's also worthwhile topping up for some meals. We got the steak and Skai loved it! On some days, there are special promos for meals, keep a look out for it!

8. Just have fun!










Most of all, have fun! Don't sweat the small stuff especially traveling with a toddler. There are days/moments that won't be as ideal but don't let those moments spoil the rest of your trip!

We really enjoyed our Royal Caribbean experience! Mariner of the Seas was a great experience and I can't wait to go try the other Royal Caribbean cruises.

Definitely a great family holiday and I highly recommended for family holidays especially with kids. Toddler and above would be ideal! Here's just our humble sharing of our Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas Cruise experience with a toddler.

Have you ever been on a Royal Caribbean cruise? If so, tell me what's your favourite experience! 😀

For those who were asking, you can find out more about Royal Caribbean at

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While BFF and I were researching for our trip last year, we had decided that we wanted the hanbok experience. We wanted to wear a hanbok and walk along the streets in Korea.

I mean, we could buy a hanbok and bring it home but when will we wear it? Might as well rent a hanbok and have the full experience in Korea.

After doing some research, we came across Oneday Hanbok which allowed us to rent a hanbok in Korea. Plus the hanbok was great to cover my baby bump then! (was about 5-6 months pregnant, if I remembered correctly)

nadnut korea

Oneday Hanbok was conveniently located at one of the train stations.

nadnut korea

nadnut korea

Photo 25-10-15, 12 02 48 PM

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2015 is coming to an end. Soon we will be ushering in 2016. Have you guys thought about what you've done in 2015?

For today's post, as per last year's, I'm going to "throwback" major events (good and bad) in my life in 2015! Here are my 4 Major Things That Happened To Me in 2015!

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