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Themed blog posts!

I decided to kick off something different for currently. I do find that I’ve been cluttering my posts and I’ll like to work in some theme. For old blog posts readers, they may remember a Would You Rather? segment on my blog. For now I’ve decided on the following themes but of course, these are not set in stone and may change in the future. I actually would like the c(hubby) to start co-writing on this blog as I do think that a male perspective at times would help!

For now, the themes are:

Monday’s Musings Random thoughts, feelings and musings by Yours Truly.

Everything personal. I used to blog. Like, really personally blog. About my thoughts, my feelings or anything about me. But now, with well, the lack of time, I do find that I hardly do so. With this, I hope to be able to do this more often.

Tips on Tuesdaysnadnut pretends to act knowledgable and impart some tips.

With the amount of product events that I attend, I do pick up some tips and hope to share with everyone. It could be derived from an event or an exploration by myself for example some travel tips or DIY nails like I’ve done previously before!

Womanly Wednesdays Beauty and hiaoness.

As the years pass by, I tend to be more hiao. Do my nails, my hair, buy clothes, trying to look better by putting on face paint or working out. Anything hiao will be covered under this theme.

Thursday’s Travels Anything about previous, current and future (upcoming) travel exploits

I find that I’ve started traveling quite a bit but have hardly the time to share pictures about my trips. It is also a good time for me to look back at past travels or even get tips from everyone for my future travels!

Foodie FridaysTGIF! It’s time to get fat on Fridays!

I believe this is quite self explanatory. I eat, I share, I get fatter, I get you guys fatter, I feel better.

Caturdays! Pictures of cats

I recently adopted a cat. Miu Miu. Basically, I am crazy over my cat, I’ll like to share pictures of the little gremlin. You have no choice. Too bad. Meow.

Sundate#nadskai at it’s best.

Paktor lor. Got married doesn’t mean romance is dead leh.

Did I missed anything out? Do comment if so!

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