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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 6 Episode 3: The search for the Holy Grail Pancakes! (Brisbane)

We had some free time after all the tiring activity BUT we had an obligation to fulfil.

But before that, we said our goodbyes to our fabulous host for the whole Gold Coast-Sunshine Coast-Brisbane leg, the fabulous Jane!

She’s really a gem. Always thoughtful, friendly and a joy to be around with. Am so missing her! ūüôĀ

After saying our tearful goodbyes, we had to head over to South Bank Parklands for a LIVE show. (all previous times were recorded!)

The jocks doing their thing.

Jenny and I waiting.

My outfit of the day! I must be mad going around in winter wearing shorts and leggings. Brrr.

There were lots of people there! Everyone was just practicing their stuff from dancing, to unicycling, to some martial arts thingy. Somewhat like the lil Esplanade area where all the B-boys hang around?

Felt a lil nervous but it went smoothly! I think it’s a very interesting experience!¬†I always wanted to be a DJ when I was young (that was after the Lawyer bit and before the Chef bit) and I think it’s fab to have a job where you have fun doing it. Great job guys!

We then cabbed off to the Casino. From my last trip in Brisbane, I remembered that the fab pancake place was located quite nearby the Casino.

After¬†walking in the OTHER¬†direction, a kind soul actually pointed us to the correct direction. Doh.¬†ūüôĀ

Finally spotted the place!


I really really REALLY missed this place! When I was in Brisbane for 2 weeks then, I went to Pancake Manor like almost everyday! They have the best pancakes and crepes!

If I’m correct, the place used to be a cathedral. I love the whole ambience of the place!

The super high ceiling!

Happy Moi!

And my bestie, Jen jen!

Jen took a pic of me taking a pic of something else. LOL!

I decided to order the Dinner Set meal which consisted of the:

1) Mexican beef crepe with spicy beef, sour cream and tomato salsa served with a side salad.

Back then, I would always order the ham and cheese! Damn. This is just as good! The salad is very delish!

2) Macadamia Madness buttermilk pancake, cream and vanilla ice cream

A pic of me pouring the Maple Syrup. Drown pancakes drown!

This is just fab! Absolutely delish! The pancakes are so soft and they literally melt in your mouth! Coupled with the crunch macadamia nuts PLUS the delish icecream, seriously I was in heaven.


Eh, if you guys know of ANY great pancake place in SG, let me know!

Jenny ordered the:

Gourmet beef burger with roasted capsicum, swiss cheese, egg, lettuce, chips and their special tomato sauce. But she had all the rest removed. heh!

Looks delish, tastes delish too!

It’s no wonder Jen jen is my BFF, we both LOVE seafod and steak! Infact, I remember back in 2001, when we first knew each other, we were astonished at how similiar our tastes were! She’s my silly terrible twin (the evurl one of course!). *hugs*

One last look at the fabulous place!

nadnut’s rating (in terms of service, ambience, taste & pricewise):

If you’re in Brisbane, it’s¬†a MUST to check the place!

Pancakes at the Manor
City | 18 Charlotte St, Brisbane 4001 | Ph 3221 6433
Ipswich | 43 Brisbane Rd, Newtown 4305 | Ph 3812 8900

Anyway, after that we headed to the Casino and promptly lost about a *cough hundred plus cough* at the Casino. We never do learn do we? ūüôĀ

While on our way back in a cab, we decided to do something silly. We made the cab driver drop us way before our stop and we ran¬†to the middle of the road to take pics with the HUGE¬†Campbells’s can. (It was there for the Andy Warhol exhibition)

My crazy cuckoo BFF.

Ok. I’m NO better. :X

We then packed our bag, all prepared to fly off to Sydney. Cool and Hip Sydney beckons. Woo hoo!

2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 6 Episode 3: The search for the Holy Grail Pancakes! (Brisbane)”

  1. yes. pancake manor rocks! i work in brissy, live on the gold coast – but would always make time after work for pancakes!! even if it means going back on the later train! =p


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