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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 7 Episode 1: Arriving at the Quay West Suites! (Sydney)

We headed off from Brisbane to Sydney. At the airport, let’s just say I got a bit pissed off regarding some baggage issues.

Anyway, the flight was pleasant, Jenny and I napped practically the whole journey and we soon landed at Sydney Domestic airport and we soon met up with David and Jon.

David was our driver for the whole Sydney leg and was from Holiday King Travel and Jon was our guide for the dayl, representing Tourism New South Wales (Tourism NSW).

We were soon driven to our accommodation for the whole Sydney leg.

Quay West Suites Sydney is superbly situated in the historic Rocks area, overlooking the harbour, Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Sydney’s dramatic cityscape. This hotel is within easy walking distance of major tourist attractions, transport services, shopping and the Central Business District.

Here’s the pictures!

Fabulous view!

We had a sofa bed and a double bed. Jen generously offered me the double bed and she took the sofa bed.

My room for the whole trip!

Jen’s bed for the whole trip. Facing the TV!

Hmmm? What’s this?

A washing machine and a dryer! We were damn happy when we saw this! We could finally do our laundry! Lugging around smelly clothes for the past few days was no joke.

We totally neglected the kitchenette and overused the washing machine and the dryer. 😛

The living room! You can spot Jen’s sofabed from here.

The view from the other side. This has to be the biggest hotel and turns out to be the most disappointing.

Fabulous view, spacious place but for a blogger (who was supposed to blog during her trip), everything was just ruined with one thing.

The internet connection.

This was Sydney for goodness sake! I didn’t understand why we faced so many problems with the internet connection. I made a call to reception and complained about the problem and they routed me to some other tech department (I think they outsourced the service). Later when we were booking out, we realised that they wanted to bill me for making an outside call.

HELLO! Calling the tech = outside call. Thankfully they waived the charge or you’ll see an exploding nadnut right there and then.

Needless to say, the sucky internet connection made me so fed up that I totally gave up blogging during the trip.

So, if you’re looking for a nice place to stay, you can consider Quay West Suites, it does have a fantastic view. But if you’re looking for internet connection to do your work and all, this ain’t the place.

You’ll be better off elsewhere.

Quay West Suites
98 Gloucester Street, The Rocks, Sydney

2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 7 Episode 1: Arriving at the Quay West Suites! (Sydney)”

  1. pretty decent, comfy looking place.. tough stuff abt the internet connection tho’

    was sydney absolutely worth the vacation its hyped up to be?
    show us some partying if you may, from king’s cross etc.
    enjoy urself!


  2. Fist of Asia: Sydney was good! We didn’t manage to go partying at king’s cross but we did have dinner there and drinks else. Entries up probably at a later date!


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