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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 8 Episode 1 : Touring the Sydney Opera House. (Sydney)

In case you’re wondering what the heck is this all about, you may want to read these first.

We had a bright and early start for Day 8! We had to wake up at 5am and I think I slept at 2am the night before. *bleary eyes*

Jenny and I standing outside of the Sydney Opera House.

Muahahhaa. We were given backstage passes!

Sleepy moi.

We were only allowed to take pictures at certain stops so … not that much pictures for this episode!

We were brought to many different places inside the Opera House from the stages to the practicing rooms to places where they kept the instruments to some private dressing rooms to behind the scenes to the pit to changing rooms. I only wished we had a chance to watch a play or a show there. 🙁

Here are some pictures!

Yours truly as a conductor.

At another stop!

Jen jen as a conductor.

Heh. Everyone had a shot as a conductor.

The Married Men posing for the camera.

As that day was Jørn Utzon’s birthday (Sydney Opera House’s architect), we all sang a birthday song to him.

Some pretty decorations.

trying to be artistic. FAIL.

To be honest, at some parts where our lovely SOH guide was telling us about the history of the place, I dozed off.

Maybe I’m not a history person or maybe I was too tired from blogging the night before. No more blogging during trips! It’s spoiling my trips!

Last pic of Jen jen and I before we ended the tour.

We then headed to the Green Room (where all performers and employees ate) for a yummy Aussie Breakfast.

Thanks to the lovely Gillian for giving us a backstage tour of the Sydney Opera House!

Btw the next episode will not be up so soon! Andre hasn’t passed me the pictures. 🙁

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