do you eat to live or do you live to eat?

which group do you belong to?

i definitely belong to the ‘live to eat’ group. some people may confuse this group as being those fussy eaters but i definitely think they’re wrong.

why force yourself to eat things you dislike? i’m not talking about a diet of just fried food of course, moderation is the keyword here. call me fussy or just choosy but whenever i buy something and if it’s not to my liking, i won’t eat it. if it’s horrid, why eat it? don’t tell me about how children in africa is starving or whatsover but i really can’t force myself to eat it and feel like puking for the rest of the day.

there are some people who will eat anything. i’m damn amazed. i once asked one of them why he could eat ANYTHING, he replied he just sees those at fuel for his body. he really eat to live. no preference, no likes, almost like a dustbin.

i find it sad. my best friends, jenny aka jenjen, shen aka thebeanmaster and kenny aka mrkennychan are all foodies.

we appreciate food. appreciation does not mean having to eat at atas places, its just appreciating good food. one of my favourite foods is the fantastic hokkien mee at bedok interchange or sambal stingray ANYWHERE or just good sambal kangkong. in fact whenever i meet these peeps, the first thing we’ll discuss is ‘where to eat?’.

i’m definitely no food connoisseur, what may be good to me might be so-so to others but just as long as it shoots happy vibes thru my body, i’m definitely contented. (and it’s a plus if it comes with fantastic service too.)

i have food cravings every damn day. this has been happening since ages ago. (i blame myself for choosing hospitaly management back in poly. we’re all FOODIES! lol. bad influence! :P) i wonder how bad i’ll be when i’m pregnant. :/

anyway i digress yet again. so do you belong to the ‘eat to live’ or the ‘live to eat’ group?

this foodie has been craving for lots of things (especially since i had that bout of stomach flu or food poisoning since tuesday. no i didnt see a doc. docs are only for MCs :X)

so if you’re craving for the same things, call me out next week or the week after. this week would be good if you like to catch some of my fantastic germs/viruses.

– durian
– cereal prawns
– subway’s cold cut trio!
– mortinis night
– sambal stingray AND sambal kangkong
– shepherd pie
– bbq or steamboat

anything is better than this diet of porridge!

Anyway, don’t forget to comment on the HP TouchSmart contest and on the “Would You Rather?” for the week!

4 thoughts on “do you eat to live or do you live to eat?”

  1. starmist: when wanna go bbq/steamboat/mortini?

    estherix: heh. i just went to chomp chomp but ate from another stall. nevermind, it’s just as good!

    alex: LOL! let me know!


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