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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 7 Episode 4 : The Diva! (Sydney)

After we have concluded our Harley Tour, we were told that a DIVA would come to meet up at Park Hyatt.

And I spotted a VERY TALL “lady” in a VERY SHORT sequinned dress with a flag. She was waving the flag at us and all of us soon trotted over.

I couldn’t help but stare at Verusca. Her eyemakeup was fabulous and she was warm and friendly. Here goes our Tour by a Diva!

Tours by Diva was voted at number 20 of the top 100 experiences to do in Australia! It is a hilarious tour of discovery and is a fun and interactive comedy experience! Take a look at Sydney through rose-colored glasses! Due to time constraints, we had a mini version of the normal tour.

Verusca decided that all of us should have fantastic new names!

Presenting the new Unexpected Australia crew!

I was Ida Downe.

Jenny was Moose Sighting. LOL!

Our lovely Pree (or Jane Doe) became Dan O’Theives.

And I totally love Audrey’s new name! Will Befun!

Joyce then became Rose Petal. What a sweet name!

And here are the guys!

Rod became Juicy Fruit. Isn’t that a chewing gum flavour?

Andre became Mary Taylor-Square.

Jon became Lady Bump. Bump bump bump! LOL!

Ross became Candy Cane.

The guys got the good names!

We then got onto our Diva tour bus and we were told to reach under our seats.

We all had wigs and we had to keep it on at ALL times! LOL!

Everyone laughing like mad at each others cuckoo wigs!

I like Jon’s wig!

We heard all kinds of tall tales and hilarious anecdotes by Verusca. We even heard about how the Sydney Opera House design was actually not meant to be!

Do you know it was actually a rejected design?

Jen jen’s silly wig. LOL!

Us hamming up for the camera.

We then later stopped at a park where we enjoyed a little picnic. We had sushi, soft drinks and alcohol. Nice!

Some bubbly for you?

Yes please!

Poor Jen jen oops, I meant Moose Sighting had to stay off alcohol for a while.

Some sushi for you?

Juicy Fruit loves sushi! She loves them raw! 😛

The jocks and Verusca. Naughty Rod!

Jen jen and I decided to change wigs. Our previous wigs were really not nice!

What do you think of my new wig? Is blue my colour?

Here’s another look.

I’m totally flirting with Verusca. 😛

To be honest, I actually dozed off during some parts of the tour. It’s not that it was boring, actually it was VERY interesting, it’s just that I was really tired. Blogging till early morning was taking a toll on me. Infact this wasn’t the first time I dozed off during an activity. 🙁

It was really a great experience! Thanks Verusca!

Tours By Diva

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