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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 1 Episode 2: The shopping adventure (Gold Coast)

Basically on the first day we were given the whole day to ourselves to do whatever we wanted. Free & Easy the whole day baby!

Jen jen and I took a short nap and we decided to head over to Harbourtown for some shopping! We checked with the concierge and apparently if we took a cab to Harbourtown, it would cost us about $35 bucks for a one way trip… Madness! Jen jen and I decided to be adventurous and decided to take the bus instead.

Weirdly enough the concierge told us to take 2 buses. We had to stop at Australia Fair and then switch to another bus to head over to Harbourtown. (I was kicking myself for forgetting to bring my Curtin student pass for students get to pay like half the rate!)

Turns out that there was a straight bus to Harbourtown but we weren’t angry at the concierge because….

There’s Supre at Australia Fair. Dirt cheap! Grabbed like 8 different items! Headed over to Sportsgirl and more damage was done to my poor wallet.

Afterwhich, we left for Harbourtown.

More damage done! I managed to grab a pair of Keds for like 20 Aussie bucks!

Satisfied meh.

We headed back to the hotel, snoozed and woke up to find a lil note from the hotel. They had kindly prepared a nice thoughts for the day thingy and we found out from the note that there was a night market at Surfers Paradise that day!

We decided to check out the night market. Afterall the night was still young!

Took a bus and we found Surfers Paradise!

Brrr. It was getting chilly!

Spotted the famous Surfers Paradise chair and dragged Jen jen to take pics!

Compare it to the pic i took 2 years back!

Jenny and me. 🙂

At the entrance of the night markets.

Getting ready to explore!

The night market was different from the usual “pasar malams” you see in Singapore. Basically they do not emphasize on food nor clothes but more of the creative art pieces and all.

One cool example would be of this Sand sculpturer, Dennis who is also known as Sandman.

He creates beautiful sand art pieces for everyone to enjoy. If you like to take a picture of his art piece, just pay $2. A small token to support his art.

Jen jen and I paid for a picture.

He created a dragon with fire in it’s nostrils. Beautiful work! Do check out his website at

We spotted something interesting in one of the shops!

Heinz sells the most interesting things. Those scarves you see there helps to keep one cool! I bought one of them. Definitely an item much needed in sunny Singapore!

You get to see street performers everywhere. This guy creates the best sounds with his erm, I seriously can’t remember the name of that instrument but I call it the Woooooong wooooooong.

Jen jen and I had wanted to eat at the Hogs Breath Cafe but we remembered that there was one near our hotel. We then decided to take a bus back and eat at the cafe nearer to our hotel instead.

Us at the bus stop.

It was really cold at night. Thank god we both had brought outer layers and scarfs!

My outfit of the day.

Jen was freezing to death!

Turns out that the cafe near our hotel was closed! Even the Macdees there was closed too. 🙁

Anyway we took some pictures of the hotel. Beautiful!

The entrance at night.

The swimming pool.

We then ordered room service. 26 bucks for a burger! Oh well. We were starving by then.

Our super belated dinner.

My delish burger – $26.

Jenny’s delish club sandwich. – $24.

Extremely satisfying day! The buses costs about $15 each and was still way cheaper than taking a taxi. I don’t know why people are so worried about just us two girls “galivanting” around but Australia is definitely safe and we do have a good head on our shoulders.

So worry no more! We won’t do anything silly except for wasting more money on clothings when our luggages are full.

Oh well. Gotta go!


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  1. Man it look cool enjoy the rest of your stay…btw the musical instrument is call a Didjeridoo…..


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