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I had a really busy week. First, I went to the exclusive Lady Gaga showcase and had a ball of a time. I also went to CommunicAsia and checked out some new products. Some exciting news will be coming your way soon!

Aside from that, I’ll be giving away some products for ladies soon! Stay tuned! And in regards about the Soyjoy challenges, thanks for the comments for Challenge 3! I did a bit of counting, here’s a little tidbit of information, 40% of commentors are bloggers! (I counted via linkbacks and nicks that I recognised, there could be more!) However, there might be some changes in the scoring system for the challenges, I’ll update once everything has been finalised! 🙂

For those who have received your Soyjoy bars, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! For those who haven’t, rest assured that delivery would be made within this month of June! Really appreciate the support given! Unfortunately, I did not win Challenge 1, ah well. Nevermind! Results of Challenge 2 would be up soon, I hope.

It’s been a busy week but I hope to be able to blog about this lovely cafe I’ve been to recently, really nice place! And perhaps a makeup tutorial soon!

Alrighty! Aside from the updates, I have a blog shop to introduce to you today!

ilovebeingreal believes in representing an attitude in life, allowing one’s  personality to shine through dressing, speech and

Here are 2 of my favourite items.

A casual dress for a lazy sunday afternoon.

I really like this top! I find that I can pair it with almost anything!

What’s different about this blog shop is this “Accumulate RealPoints” scheme that they’ve been working on. Basically, customers will automatically be credited with “RealPoints” whenever they shop and these points can be used to offset future purchase items! Do check out their shop right now and also join their mailing list. Customers on their mailing list will be get updates on launch date alerts and also preview of items before their actual launch.

Aside from that, quote “I love nadnut” and you’ll get 10% off from your purchases!

Check out now!

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