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that thing about the baking session…

i’m actually not a fan of sweet stuff like chocolate, cake, icecream or anything sweet. more of a chicken pie, potato, steak and carbo lover. (which explains why i gain weight like nobody’s business)

but a few weeks ago, i was looking thru some websites and saw great cupcakes and wanted to try baking thus i organised 2 separate baking sessions. the first was the cake and cookies session last week and the second was on my off day on thursday.

and its quite a rare sight to see yours truly in the kitchen. i used to be interested in cooking a long time ago. after working in kitchen during my studies, i lost interest in slaving over a hot stove. lol.

actually i wanted to try baking banana cupcakes but in the end we decided on choc chip ones.

cupcake in progress

i found a recipe on the net… the funny thing about this recipe (that’s what baking expert angeline says) is that the egg is added at the very end whereas most recipes is the egg is ended at the beginning/middle.

we decided to make a small amount cause speaking from experience from the previous baking session, there were so many leftovers..

the final product! ta-dah! no icing though…

cupcakes for j00!

angeline then taught me how to make truffles… yum! shall try it next time with a few more additions to the mixture. i’m thinking of adding liquor in them! alcoholic chocolates. double the sin! 😉

truffles in progress

ta dah! the final product… i wonder if peanut butter truffles would taste nice… *hmmmm*


that’s about it! perhaps next time, i shall try cooking up some dishes… afterall, i should utilise jenny’s christmas present to moi!

5 thoughts on “that thing about the baking session…”

  1. lol…. baking is fun… i love baking…

    nadnut: lol. next time shall try making chicken pie! 😛


  2. The cupcakes are making me feel so hungry.. And I have just eaten! Ahhh..

    nadnut: muahahahaa. that is how i feel too when i look at blogs with fooooood!


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