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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 1 Episode 1: The hotel that took our breaths away. (Gold Coast)

Hi everyone! It’s 3am in Gold Coast and I have to get up in 2.5 hours time!!!! Madness. But as a faithful blogger, I MUST update all! But I’ll be breaking it into a few different parts. I’ll try to update everyday but will break the daily updates into 2 parts or more….


Jenny and I left Singapore on 1st April. (No, it isn’t an April’s fool joke!)

Us saying our goodbyes at the departure hall!

Despite us checking in about 2.5 hrs before the flight, we got sucky seats! Thank god for the great service by the Qantas crew though.

Me enjoying my delish dinner.

Jenny and I watched many shows on flight! I managed to watch The Heartbreak Kid and Mr Woodchuck! Woot!

Makeupless meh. She cheated! :X

The rather sad breakfast provided.

We arrived at Brisbane International Airport in the morning. Raoul (or Raul?) from Brunell Chauffeur Drive picked up us with his BMW 7 Series.

Great service by Raoul! He was telling us about the places to go and all but yours truly was too tired and concussed throughout the whole trip. Oops.

We then arrived at the Palazzo Versace Hotel. The hotel is gorgeous! Palazzo Versace hotel has been recently voted as Australia’s most luxurious hotel. The hotel is designed in Versace’s signature “look” and posseses an elegance that no other hotels (that I’ve been to) have. The service is top notch. None of the staff treated us differently though Jenny and I were in slacker wear without any makeup at all looking like some poor students that should be placed into some backpackers hotels instead.

And the eyecandy! Bellhops never looked so yummy before.

We took some pictures of the hotel so here’s a guided tour!

The hotel from the outside.

Welcome to our room!

Our rooms. Two queensized beds! Woo hoo. Time to bring back some cute guys! MUAHAHAHAA. (like real, Tiger will chop me into a thousand pieces. bah.)

A bath tub is a common sight these days but a jacuzzi?! WOO HOO!

Check out the amount of toiletries and cosmetics I brought. MADNESS.

The pretty lifts.

Jenny and I were pleasantly surprised when we were told that breakfast was included! We managed to check in at 9am and we had a sumptious buffet breakfast! Tourism Australia is definitely spoiling us!

Here’s a few pics of the delish buffet breakfast.

Fruits, cheese, ham etc.

I love the strawberries! They were very juicy!

The hot station. The omelettes are very delish! I’ll be ordering them everyday!

Fruits for a healthier you!

We had a great breakfast and we headed up to take a short nap before washing up and preparing for our shopping adventure! More about that in the next entry – Day 1 Episode 2: The shopping adventure! I have to get up in about 2.5 hours time!

More updates coming soon! Look out for it!


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