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How now brown cow?

I’m supposed to travel to Bangkok with my mum in the first week of July but with the current situation, I don’t think it’s advisable to proceed.

Been trying to get in touch with Agoda regarding my hotel booking and Tiger Airways but haven’t had a reply from them yet.

For those who has made plans to travel to Bangkok within these few months, what are your next steps?

2 thoughts on “How now brown cow?”

  1. Call Agoda nicely and talk to them. Simply explain your concern over the situation there and be patient as their English is quite inadequate… They might just be able to refund you full or most of it anyway. After a few calls, but over a month of waiting, I finally got my refund!

    I don’t know about Tiger though. Jetstar was gracious enough to allow me to change dates at no charge.


  2. tiger allows changed of destination if i’m not wrong. Jetstar gave me back my refund after much persuasion. I bought tiger tickets to Krabi. Super fun!!!!!!!!!


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