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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 2 Episode 1: The Dreamworld must-sees! (Gold Coast)

There is so much to update but there’s so little time!

Anyway! Today we headed off to Dreamworld! I’ve been to Dreamworld 2 years back but I have never had an experience like this!

On our way to Dreamworld.

We were given VIP treatment. We skipped ALL the queues!!! We even had times where a few of us played the rides alone! Like just the two of us only. Fabulous!

Dreamworld is such a fantastic place where you can never be bored of it! There are so many aspects to Dreamworld! For example, there is the usual rides like the Big 6 and other smaller rides.

The Claw is one of the Big 6 in Dreamworld. Personally I thought The Claw was mild.

But then, I’m the kind of girl that is not easily impressed. I love thrill rides, the scarier they are, the better they are!

Jenny is such a big sport! She has a big fear of heights and such rides but she gamely went on three rides (from the big 6!) with me. Aside from The Claw, she sat on The Cyclone with me. Fantastic work babe!

One day, she’ll be able to work away her fear of heights! She’s getting more daring everyday! *thumbs up*

The third ride that she sat was the Motocoaster, Dreamworld’s latest edition!

Basically it is similiar to a rollercoaster. The only difference is that you get to be on motorcycles!

Yeah, like those bikes!

Pretty interesting but it wasn’t scary for me. The only bad thing is that we’re all squashed on the bike so ladies would have their front squashed too. *cough*

This is one of the rides I took. It’s called the Tower of Terror. It goes up to like 24 stories? Fast and good!

It’s a pity that I did not get a chance to try The Giant Drop. Apparently it’s 40 storeys high! Oh well, I’m sure there will be many more opportunities!

Aside from thrill rides, there are many more things one can do at Dreamworld.

Dance with Spongebob!

Such as watching a Spongebob Squarepants show…

Heading over to Nickelodeon Central to purchase some souvenirs…

Like perhaps a Spongebob Squarepants tank top?

If you’re the “camera friendly” sort and prefer to have lots of pics taken, here are some places you can go to!

Take a picture with a crocodile!

How about a vintage car?

How about getting bitten by sharks? (Eh, I’m going swimming with the sharks tomorrow. LOL)

You can also head to Wiggles World for more phototaking ops! There’s a cute pirate ship there too!

How about embracing your inner child?

Jenny and I had so much fun here.

Even Alicia, our very lovely host had fun with us. Jane from Tourism Queensland (at the back in red) was sneaky! While we were taking pictures, she was throwing those balls at us! Obviously we had our revenge. Muahahahahaa!

If kiddy stuff isn’t for you, how about heading to the Australian Wildlife Experience?

You can relax and have a good cold drink and checkout the lovely tigers!

Such a handsome tiger!

Or if you’re more into hands on experience, head off to the sanctuary to take pics with the animals like the…



So cute!!!!

How about patting a wombat?

You can also take pics of the crocodiles but please do not throw any items for you’ll have to pick them up!

But here’s my personal favourite!


I was trying oh so hard to fit in but it didn’t work. 🙁


I love this one! So cute and very “manja!”.

Can you spot the Joey? So cute!

These are called Red Kangaroos. Doncha think they pose oh so sexily? LOL.

I gotta end here but there’s so much more to update about Day 2! Here’s a sneak preview for episode 2!

Things to be updated on Day 2!

– Jenny and my experience on the Flowrider. Cuts, bruises, tumbles and aches all over!
– Our experience at Holden Performance Driving Centre. Preparing for F1! :X
– QDeck’s lovely scenery.
– Delish dinner at Blue Fire

Apologies for the delay in updates but there’s too many pics, info and too little time. Coming up soon yeah? Sadly tonight is our last night in the Palazzo Versace Hotel and we’ll be checking out tomorrow. I’m left with 4 hours to pack and sleep! Yikes. Turns out that blogging does take up a lot of time afterall!

See you tomorrow! Cheers!


  1. Bring me the Koalas….*babe…looking at your blog makes me wanna visit Aust NOW!!! I think i should skip my taiwan trip & head to aussie man! FUN!!! More more more updates!! *hugs*


  2. hey i just went to dreamworld yesterday and went on all of the big 6 rides! honestly i dont think they were scary at all but th giant drop kinda was