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the truth.

religious post. do not read if you’re the kind to be highly offended over such stuff.

i watched The Da Vinci Code last night and it got me thinking…

aside from being disappointed over the whole movie, i was thinking about ‘the truth’. as some of you know, i was a muslim and am now a free thinker.

when i was young, i was thrown into religious studies since i could read. i finished reading the quran twice (cant spell. lol. its the muslim’s holy book) when i was ten which was something big considering i have friends who have not finished reading the quran even when they were 20.

from young, i had always wondered about religions. i was with a group of friends, a few were buddhists, a few were hindus and some were christians and of course some muslims. and one day, a friend (of another religion, i dont wanna name) came up to me and asked me to consider converting to her religion. she said her religion was the best and that all sins will be pardoned if i would convert.

i went back home and pondered. there were so many religions in the world, and who are we to say that ‘our’ religion is the truest one of them all and that ‘our’ God is the almightiest one of them all?

i asked around my friends, what did their religion taught them. and one thing was in common, they all taught us not to sin.

it took me years of wondering about religion and finally when i was 11, i decided not to go to any religious classes anymore. for the life of me, i couldnt fathom why anyone has to be of a certain religion. for me and some other religions, the decision was made at birth. your parents were of a so-and-so religion, so you are automatically a so-and-so religion. instant membership!

my mum was devastated when i stopped classes, but i had to live my life for myself and not for anyone else. i never said i was a free thinker till i was in poly for i was battling some inner turmoil over my choices of religion. from praying to Allah everynight, it was hard to change the habit to pray just to God.

it took me years to slowly stopped practising the ways, to actually eat pork. yes, i never had the urge to eat pork last time. you wont miss anything if you never had the taste of it, that was what i felt. and it was as if i had a revulsion to the thought of eating pork.

it was afterall, said as dirty. but after years, in my twenties, i finally had my taste of the porky kind. it seemed when i did so, i had finally decided stopped practicing the ways. it took me years to speak my mind and risk of being looked down by relatives and friends.

during the years when i was growing up, (after i stopped religious classes), i was seeking for a religion to belong in. to where, i would put my faith in. but after years, i have decided that, (to my personal point of view) perhaps there were only one God and that there were many versions of it. perhaps in olden times there was just a God and everyone believed in what THEY THOUGHT was right…

your version, my version and the truth. hell, everything is that way. yesterday at the movies, some of my friends were ok with the movie and i was sorely disappointed. their version may say it was a good movie while i would say it did not match up to my expectations. everyone have their own opinions on everything…

i believe any God of any religion would want all of us to do good. well, that is my personal point of view and i understand that some of you would be highly offended with mine. anyway, some people just need something to believe in, aye?

i do believe in God. just that i believe that there is one God. God would not want us to fight with each other over religions. i believe all religions would want us to do good and to live in harmony.

now now, that is afterall my personal opinion. i do not mock other religions and i do hope others would pay the same respect. let everyone believe in what they want to believe in. afterall, if you take away that, what is there left for them? i understand how they feel, imagine believing in something (need not be religion, can be any other matter) and one day taking it away.

ok, now dont shoot me or put me in jail. 😛

12 thoughts on “the truth.”

  1. i believe in food. and eating it when it’s placed in front of you.

    ’nuff said.

    and i thought the movie was ok too. haha.

    nadnut: >.< u and ur food... 


  2. I used to and still believe that there are many Gods and all of them lived happily up there, blessing us.. When i posted this on a forum, the Christians were quick to defend.. Made me feel damn irritated cos they cannot accept other ppl’s thinking..

    nadnut: some people believe they are always right… 


  3. yes. i so agree with you. i’m more of atheist anyway. but that ‘instant membership’ one doesnt allow much of a free will.

    nadnut: u can always choose your own religion. nobody can force you to do anything that you dont want to. 


  4. don’t worry babe.. *hugs* i’ve been told the movie sucks anyway….

    nadnut: hahaha. yeah. it sucks to me. :P 


  5. i believe in the Big bang theory, although it doesn’t require my belief, because it’s just a random occurence of chance. I’m not saying ther I don’t believe in the existence of a God, but if there is the presence of one, I myself don’t think as a human race, we are within his radar of consideration. that would be very elitist, that he should care for me, and not care for the other animal species, or even the whole of the universe, becos almost every single thing we do now as a human race is essentially destroying everything else (ie using up resources and not replacing them).

    then i believe in the Buddha, altough he doesn’t require my belief either at all to exist, being utterly a living breathing person. and as long as I am doing good and treat others nicely, I’m doing myself and everyone a favor and actually practising what he preaches. so essentially, I don’t believe, I know.

    nadnut: hmmmm… 


  6. Nice post. That are many different types or people, with differing skin colours and cultures. They are also many different religions. The most important thing, I think, is to just get along and not screw up the world too much. We have only one world and one life. Sometimes we let differences push out how similiar we are, and that’s not looking at the big picture.

    nadnut: yeap. instead of fighting over whose right, why not just accept others and live as one? 


  7. The experiences you went through and the conclusions you arrived at are not unfamiliar grounds to many. We all have our fair share of discriminations in our choices and i think you have been liberal and independent enough to maintain your stand, which is, i feel, awesome.

    that movie is a zzzzz sleeper. a piece of work that should be included in the “We-can-help-you-sleep” program run by the local Insomniac Society.

    nadnut: thanks. i had a hard time wondering if i should have published this post. and im glad i did. :) 


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