i am “uber” suay…

sunday has to be one of the “suay-est” days of my life.

3 suay things happened to me…

1. i got caught in the rain. before i went out, it was all sunny. and when i stepped out (without an umbrella -_-“) it started raining cats and dogs (meows and woofs!)

2. my bus skidded. i was happily reading a magazine in the bus (and freezing cold due to being drenched) when suddenly there was a jerk and all of us jerked. (hahaha like turbulence in a plane), turns out my bus didnt brake in time infront of the traffic light and had skidded/slide infront of the traffic light. heng there was no one there else … the whole incident scared me for a while.

3. while going down the escalator, i fell. heng managed to stop my fall else ill be a missy. *cough* i think the people behind me saw the whole incident, i stood up and walked off as if nothing happened ‘cept that my ankle and my hip bone were quite sore. -__-“

and i complained to mrkennychan about my suay day. he called me and told me that while reading my sms, the song playing (on the radio or his cd) was ‘Bad Day’. -_-”

i hate rainy days. ROAR!

10 thoughts on “i am “uber” suay…”

  1. we all have our ‘rainy’ days. at the end of that day, we go back to bed, pull the covers over us and sleep, for tomorrow is a brand new day. 🙂

    as for the second and third incident, i suppose you can look on the bright side and call yourself heng because you manage to avoid a disaster. 😀

    nadnut: yeah man. just a bit shaken.. 


  2. hope you doesn’t have any blue blacks on your body like missy boo boo…

    walk carefully n try not to wear heels on rainy days

    nadnut: heng, dont have. phew. yeah man. just flats on rainydays! 


  3. what a coincidence! kenny’s song n your day!..
    timing very good ah?

    nadnut: bah. so much for sympathy… 


  4. wah lao eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nad… don’t try my stunt!!!!

    and the rest of you dont sound so happie can -_-

    actually, falling down flights of stairs is a very….unique experience… lol

    nadnut: yeah lor. the rest of them like so happy… ROAR! 


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