the simple things…

things that make me happy… the simple things…

  1. my cat cuddling next to me
  2. a call from another cat aka tiger
  3. good company
  4. a great book
  5. gaming without being ks-ed
  6. bubblegum
  7. waking up at 12 noon and not oversleeping for work! 😛
  8. a sweet sms
  9. a good movie
  10. having the luxury to take things slow
  11. mum cooking my favourite dish
  12. having a cold drink on a warm day
  13. a can of redbull when i need it most
  14. goooooood food
  15. a bbq with close friends
  16. company with non-sarcastic or good tempered friends
  17. having enough “me” time.
  18. a walk in the park
  19. a good jog
  20. making my loved ones happy

what makes you happy?

3 thoughts on “the simple things…”

  1. 5. gaming without being ks-ed
    this one made me chuckle. its fustrating to have some player kill-steal eh? i miss playing MMORPGs. haiz… :p

    6. bubblegum
    it doesn’t take much to make you happy, eh? 😀

    what makes me happy? hhmm…
    1. spending time with my oliphant
    2. LAN gaming with friends
    3. a good book
    4. a afternoon nap
    5. a slow, relaxing luxurious day.

    think thats abt it, really. yes, it doesn’t take much to make me happy too. :p

    nadnut: hahahaa. yeah i love bubblegum! :) 


  2. finding a good book that I have been searching for ages in the lib makes me damn damn damn damn happy that I can yelp with happiness in the lib. 🙂

    nadnut: ooooh. true true! 


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