Would You Rather? – Cat or Dog

Would You Rather? is back after a good one week break! I’m going a lil bonkers with school work and exams now so do leave some suggestions for future WYR!

This week’s WYR is….

Would You Rather?

1) Keep a Cat


2) Keep a dog?

Choose one and explain why!

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11 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Cat or Dog”

  1. OMG u know, I love both, and its hard for me to make a decision. I briefly “kept” a cat when I was in my teens. I was working in a cafe and me and my colleagus secretly fed a kitten and a cat. They would lways come back for food. One day the big cat died in an accident.

    My sister has a lovely dog too, a Japanese Spitz.

    So I love both animals, both are very different in nature. Cats are playful but they are very “realistic”. They only remember you when they are hungry.

    Dogs are really a man’s best friend, what more can I say?

    If seeking companionship, a dog is a better choice.

    And no matter you want to keep a dog or cat, remember they also need YOUR companionship…


  2. a dog!

    I often see dogs on yacht, beaches, and doing or going to really classy, expensive things/places with their owners.

    And most of them stays in bungalow!

    How often do a cat gets to enjoy that!

    And you dont see dogs on the street!
    That means they are blessed!
    Kept in places, with shelter and homes.

    How about cats?

    Cats have to fight and strayed around neighborhood even in late nights.

    HAHA! 🙂


  3. for me, i would want to keep a dog AND a cat but if i had to choose one, i’ll go for a cat. dogs are way too needy and i’m not into the slobbering bit. 😛


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