happy cny!

woooot! today wasnt so boring cause we played mahjong!!!!

now now.. do i look skinny to you? stupid gargantuan people.

anyway we played mahjong and i wonnnnnnnn. muahahahaaa. enough to pay for my yummy dinner after that.

what i wore today.

pardon the messy room.

heh. lotsa camwhoring. does my n necklace looks good? i want the carrie necklace from sex and the city!!! can i have a nadnut one pls?!

check out my puma watch! my birthday present from them!! woooooot!

gracey took a pic of my cards. lol!! this was before it was transformed to half colour. heh.

sulking away cause one of my pretty nails broke. bah. am gonna clean them today. 🙁 🙁 🙁 no more pretty manicure. sobbbbbbbsssssssss.

yes. everyone loves my oranges bag. i love them too 😉

happy cny! im happy cause i won money! looks like red underwear does work. huat ah! 😛

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