the weirdest thing.

i dont understand a male colleague of mine. he behaves so weirdly around me all the time.

once when i was wearing some strappy heels and it was my first time meeting him, he says women who wear strappy heels are sexy.

ok, i didnt think of anything much of the remark.

then everytime he meets me, he’ll talk about something weird. when i walk past his office, he’ll stop me and say hi. or when he walks past my office, he’ll linger at my cubicle and say hi and pause for a while and walk away.

another time, he saw me at the lift and said ‘hey! you know you look hot right?’.

the thing is he only does it to me. everytime it seems like he’s trying so hard to talk to me and sometimes being cheeky and flirty and all. and i am not doing anything to encourage him at all. -_-” i dont start conversations with him unless its anything pertaining to work. i am rather businessy with him. infact to a certain point, rather cold and direct.

and today, he asked me out. inwhich i said no. -_-“. if he was asking the whole office, then its understandable. he only asked me. o.O

and oh btw, he’s married. with children. *shakes head*

i do hope, thats the last of his “weird” behaviour.

20 thoughts on “the weirdest thing.”

  1. its obvious he likes you. maintain your distance like your doing now. and, tell a female colleague at work. it might help.

    nadnut: as long as he doesnt do anything. lol. maybe he’s friendly? in a weird kinda way?


  2. Maybe he thinks that you’ll be the perfect daughter for him.


    nadnut: -__-“. i dont mind a rich daddy. just gimme the money!


  3. argh!!! of all things! married, with KIDS!!! he don’t know how to behave!

    nadnut: hahahaa. shall i smack him and tell him to behave? lol!


  4. Ok….. U must be really hot lol.
    God daughter? Side mistress? Adopted Daughter?
    Have a good talk with him preferably with big bodyguards or very scary witness with you when u do so.

    nadnut: hot is not a word to describe me. LOL!


  5. sounds rather derogatory to me. especially if it holds true, that he only does it to you only.

    nadnut: hopefully he’ll stop. πŸ™‚


  6. HAHAHAHAHA. omg, that’s so psychostalker-ish. it’s pretty obvious what he’s doing though. MBA syndrome. scare him off plz. i have a few ideas abt topics you can share with him to get him to do so, examples include talking abt whipping, buttplugs, and the like. *grin

    nadnut: argh. i so cant visualise you talking abt such stuff. *shivers*


  7. PUi. I hate guys esp married guys who cheat. Fuckers. But what he said is true πŸ˜›

    nadnut: said what?


  8. wah lau. married with kids. I hate men who stray after marriage. they should be hamtam badly!

    nadnut: hahahahaha. like thebeanmaster said, MBA syndrome. lol!


  9. Ollie, so long it’s men, they will stray whether or not they are married. Attached men are straying all these while isnt it?

    nadnut: hahhaa. so true!


  10. wah liaoz. confirm he wants to be ‘friends’ with you. apparently he’s a bit thickhead-ed as well, seeing that he doesn’t acknowledge all those hints that you’re dropped. πŸ˜€

    maybe you need to tell him straight in the face, “i am not interested in you. not before, not now and not ever. please keep such weird remarks to yourself and leave me alone.” :p

    and he has kids? omg. these guys give males a bad name. someone should slap him around and tell him to ‘wake up his idea’. πŸ™‚

    nadnut: maybe he’s just outspoken. hahha i cant afford to get on his bad side…


  11. sweetie, i’m facing the same problem as well. I’ve got this male colleague who’s married with kids as well, sexually harrassing me. He likes to see me in skirts and stands real close to me. He comes by my cube on a regular basis and even wants to watch the Tammy vids with me. My other colleagues have warned him but the advice falls on deaf ears.. πŸ™

    nadnut: o.O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if its sexual harrassment, better report to your boss?


  12. Yeaks!

    Agreed with Zhe Bin & Tiger… Give him that slap!

    nadnut: hahahhaa. looks like its me3!


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