The Soyjoy Japan trip! – Wasabi is love.

For those who know me.. I never did like eating wasabi. In fact I totally hated the taste of wasabi. My ex, Tiger would love to guzzle lots of wasabi and I would be shaking my head at him.

Now, ching chong boy shakes his head at me. T_T

The first thing we all did upon touching down in Tokyo was to look for food. We found this sushi place in Shinjuku, not too far from where were staying.

It’s a nice place to catch a quick meal and the prices are rather reasonable. Customers ranges from students to office workers to tourists like us!

One more thing  I love about Japan is that maguro is available everywhere and it is as popular as salmon! (unlike in SG where the prefer sashimi = salmon)

The wasabi is actually in the sushi itself! In between of the rice and maguro! So, the first time I ate one, I was shocked by the wasabi taste inside. After that, I started scrapping off the wasabi but obviously there was still a hint of wasabi.

After countless times of scrapping wasabi, I got tired of it and decided to eat it with the wasabi inside. Slowly got used to it and I love it now!

So yeah, wasabi is love! Here are 2 of my wasabi quotes that I wrote previously.

Wasabi is like love. Even if it brings you to tears, you just hunger more for it.

I love wasabi. i love that brief instance where it hits you, leaves you breathless and brings tears to your eyes.

4 thoughts on “The Soyjoy Japan trip! – Wasabi is love.”

  1. Jaschocolate: haha yeah! then she better order sashimi instead of sushi!

    Pearlin: Thanks dear! Am missing Japan too!

    Vic: Wasabi lime? Hmmmm. sounds interesting!


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