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The Soyjoy Japan trip! – Toilets in Japan. I love ’em.

These toilets are a common sight in Japan. I think of all of the toilets I’ve been to in Japan, all of them had bidet features! For those who are clueless to what the heck a bidet is, here’s a loose explanation from Wikipedia.

A bidet is a low-mounted plumbing fixture or type of sink intended for washing the genitalia, inner buttocks, and anus.

Don’t be alarmed by the explanations. Bidets are great imho! I kinda miss using a bidet now. *dramatic sigh*

How do you know if the toilet you’re gonna use has bidet features? Usually you’ll see this…

Yes, those are buttocks and not boobs. I wouldn’t recommend anyone using a bidet to wash your boobs.

So the first thing  I did upon reaching Japan was to try the bidets in the airport washroom.

Basically there are a few different features available.

– Spray: Cleaning your bumbum

– Bidet: Cleaning your genitals.

– Flushing sound: To disguise those disgusting sounds when you pass motion.

Some of the toilets had seat warmer features (some of us hate sitting on COLD seats!), dryer (bum dry!) and choosing the temperature of your water.

Having been brought up in a typical malay family, I am used to using water to clean, if you get what I mean. Paper is alright but it just doesn’t feel clean enough. Dunno if it’s a psychological thing but I feel that water is definitely more cleaner.

The toilets in Japan are really clean! You don’t see shoe prints on the seats! Anyway, I tried those toilets and I totally got hooked onto the features, feel so pampered by them. You won’t hear your neighbour having explosive diarrhea or smell an el stinko. Flushing sounds and deodorizer FTW!

5 thoughts on “The Soyjoy Japan trip! – Toilets in Japan. I love ’em.”

  1. Jayden: Yeap! Apparently the ladies were always flushing previously to disguise their “toilet sounds” and was wasting water. Thus they invited the faux flushing sounds!

    Wong: Nope. I’m chinese.


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