Sakae Sushi’s latest items!

Went Sakae Sushi recently and found out that they have launched a few new items! Are you a fan of Japanese food?

Surprisingly I enjoyed the Soft Shell Crab Salad. Why do I say surprisingly? That’s because I usually do not enjoy Soft Shell Crab. Find it a bit weird tasting. I guess coupled with the salad, it tasted well! I know ching chong boy would love this!

This crane lookalike item (Ebi Arare) was a crunchy delight! It’s actually covered by rice crackers instead of your usual roe, seaweed etc. I scrapped off most of the sauce though as it was a bit overwhelming for me.

The Mushroom Kimochi Tofu was weird to me. The sauce was tangy but it gave a “siap siap” feeling. I like my normal agedashi tofu thankewverymuch.

The Maguro Carpaccio was really yummy and it was one of my favourite items. The thinly sliced tuna was dressed with a special sauce which was neither too creamy nor too jelak. It was the right amount of sauce.

Ah hah! The sushi platter! Labelled for your easy reference here!

My comments for each individual sushi:

The Salmon Mayo Mentai Inari was not my thing. I for one, do not like items with too much sauce. This one had a lot of sauce! Way too creamy and jelak!

The Aburi Salmon  Teriyaki was simple. Nothing spectacular but you can’t go wrong with it.

Honestly the Unagi Shitake Gunkan was more shitake than unagi. I hardly tasted the unagi! Despite that, it was really tasty!

The Hotate Mentai  Maki was good. Obviously I scrapped off most of the sauce. I’m in love with the hotate dishes here! The Hotate Sushi was also good but tastewise, I prefer the Mentai Maki.

The Unagi Cracker Maki was similiar to the Hotate Mentai Maki just that it was unagi (like duh?). Thumbs up!

And my favourite item was the Sakae Candle! As you can see from the above picture, it was lighted up! Really cute and I thought Sakae Sushi was clever to have thought of that. Will we see birthday parties in Sakae Sushi now?

nadnut’s rating on the new items:

A few hits and misses but overall am loving the new items!

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  1. The presentation of Sakae Candle is good, but what about the taste? can describe the taste and what does it made of. Thanks!


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