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His birthday.

Before I blog about my birthday celebration, I thought it would be better to clear some backlog! Like Ccb’s birthday!

Ccb has a very special birthday! It’s on 911!

I brought him to watch a movie and after that surprised him to Yakiniku Daidomon! Ccb loves beef and sashimi so I thought Yakiniku Daidomon would be really suitable for him! And he LOVES it! (A bit of hiccup though. I directed him to UE Square when it was at United Square. :/)

Posing with Ccb’s pride and joy. So big hor!

Here we areeeeeeee~

Yakiniku is basically an ala-carte buffet. You order the dishes you want and they’ll serve it to you.

The cooked food is buffet style so do help yourself to it. I wouldn’t advice you guys to eat a lot of cooked food though! Save the space for the yummy beef!

It’s basically a charcoal grill style kind of barbeque. If the grill gets too dirty, don’t worry! Ask them to change it for you!

Some of the stuff we ordered! (captions only if the food is very the good!)

This is very goodddddddddddddddddddddd!

The sashimi was really good! Guzzled a lot of this! MUST ORDER K!

This is a raw dsh! Not to be barbequed k! Very yummy. Go order! I had my misgivings at first as I don’t usually eat raw beef/raw egg but Ccb persuaded me to try it and I’m glad I did!

Please remember to order the wagyu beef. Damn shioks!

This is the reason why Ccb and I are putting on lotsa weight. I have found my food soul mate.

I was contemplating if I should post Ccb’s picture here but I still have my misgivings over showing pictures of bfs on my blog…. Maybe next time!

Ccb really enjoyed himself. Yay! Success!

nadnut’s rating on ambience, food, service and value for money:

If you’ll like to check out the place, here are the details:

Yakiniku Daidomon
101 Thomson Road #01-14/15
United Square
Singapore 307591
(t) 6356 7577 / 6356 7277
(f) 6356 6862

5 thoughts on “His birthday.”

  1. Ooo I’ve been there with Sam & my bro’s geek friends before!!! The beef is yummy but I’d say the price is quite expensive though.

    And the raw egg/beef thing!! It’s pretty nice the first time you eat it.. But don’t be like me and Sam, we were gluttons and ordered 3 extras and in the end they just starting tasting like slimy earthworms T_T


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