The Soyjoy Japan trip! – The train system

The train system in Japan is absolutely mind-boggling.

There are way too many train companies like the Japan railway, Tokyo Metro, Toei, Keikyu, Keio, Keisei, Odakyu, Seibu, Tobu and Tokyu.

Check out the picture above. Basically when you want to get to one place to another, you may have to transfer to diff lines. Very complicated at first but slowly you’ll get used to it.

I got lost a few times actually but it’s after an experience. I took the bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo but I’ll leave that experience for another blog entry.


5 thoughts on “The Soyjoy Japan trip! – The train system”

  1. rinaz: yeap! trains there are really clean!

    hollyjean: hey babe! i was looking for the used panties vending machines but I couldn’t find them. 🙁

    Miss Glitzy: hahaha. if i’m correct, the places we went had to transfer trains.. but we got used to it in the end. 😉


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