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that thing about flowers…

it has been a long time since i have received flowers… and some people would know… i am a total sucker for flowers…

yes. i belong to those kind of girls whose knees goes weak at the sight of flowers. and yes, i do know that flowers do not last and fake flowers are more feasible than real flowers. (come to think of it, diamonds are even more feasible than flowers! *cough*)

and it was a pleasant surprise. thank you very much!

roses for me!

apology accepted 😉

9 thoughts on “that thing about flowers…”

  1. missy> heeeeee!

    winter> hahaha. let ppl make u angry lah. hahaha

    greenogre> hahahaa. just friends =)

    akk> yeah roh! men these days! tsk tsk

    sunshin3> heee. dont be! later ur dar scold me! hahahaa 😉

    cg> which someone?

    no2slack> got lah! no one u know la… hahhaa

    paikia> -_-“. u not shy ah! not u give one lor! but since u say liddat, ill be expecting one from u soon! lol


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