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no. i’m not dead. well. not yet.

not yet. havent died from studying yet. procrastination is my best friend. grrr.

anyone up for uncle ringo after me exams? ms neo? or maybe some booty shaking? ladies?

ok, back to the keiretsus, chaebols and annoying spaceships.

old pic of dory and i during intensive seminar. 🙂

aja aja fighting all! get this disgusting subject over and done with!

6 thoughts on “no. i’m not dead. well. not yet.”

  1. i went for uncle ringo with gabby already.. Vortex. sit in that, and u’ll feel like puking. i did. 🙁 gabby was shocked to see my face expression. hahaha.

    i was reluctant to even sit on it in the first place!! hahaha. horrible shit. hahaha. 🙂

    there was a couple who sat at the same time as us, and the girl came out puking. hahahahaha. at least i didn’t la. hahaha.


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