i am not fat

a bunch of ‘i am not fat’ jokes discussed over lunch… and the horrifying tale of burnt maggi….

well… here goes…

i am not fat, i am just big-boned.
i am not fat, i am just under-tall.
i am not fat, everyone else is skinny.
i am not fat, i’m getting ready for winter.
i am not fat, its muscles! muscles at rest that is…
i am not fat, i just have a good appetite.
i am not fat, i am healthy.
i am not fat, the weighing machine is just spoilt. he complains i stomp on him and he gives me unreasonable numbers!

the horrifying tale of the burnt maggi!

and here we thought EVERYONE can cook maggi! someone actually ‘chao-ta-ed’ maggi! -_-”

and then the topic switched to hurricanes. over hurricane rita, wilmer and katrina… we were wondering how did they choose the names. and why were they all girl names! was it cause girls are destructive?

was there a hurricane nadia?

and thus, a resourceful fella called andrew decided to help me find out about the information after i ordered requested him to do so…

here it is!

now now, is your name under one of those hurricane names? i know mine isnt…. (thats cause im not destructive right? heh)

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