now at pacific coffee. can onlie use de net for a miserable 15 minutes.

>.< com will be back in another 10 working days time. i paid 140 bucks and they onlie can extract some pathetic mum’s documents. i lost ALL my pics. fuck. pissed. and im dying w/o blogging!!!!! now, relaxing and going for interviews. damn. my com has to die on such a timing. anyway. why i quit? i dun need to further elaborate to anyone else. i dun owe any of u guys any answers. now, i juz thank god (not tat i believe in him), i have my dear, pearlynn and my mum. these are de peeps who believe in me most. and of coz like other sweeties who have been giving me encouragement… yesterday went out with weishen. we went and had a GOOD meal at billy bombers and watched ‘the exorcist’. i was practically covering my eyes de whole time. shen remained oh so calm. GRRR. and bought a book tat i dun usually read. i bought ‘the da vinci code’ by dan brown. god, its great! as great as those romance books i read! shit. gotta go in 6 minutes. i want my com back!!!!! love all u guys! take care! i miss blogging!!!

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