the bloody long weekend part three

the last day of the weekend… sunday…

i was dragged unwillingly to accompany somebody to Sitex. i would have thought when i first met him, that i would have had a dramatic reaction of some sorts.

but all i noticed was that he had lost quite a bit of weight.

it was a hit and run at Sitex. bumped into Janise at one of the booths. 🙂

basically he didnt manage to find anything he needed down there so we made a trip to simlim instead. -_-”

another hit and run case at simlim and he wanted to eat laksa. but the “famoose” laksa he wanted was a pretty far distance away tucked in some obscure kopitiam. when your wearing long sleeves and all covered up, it aint no joke.

hot hot hot!

after that we headed off to shaw brothers (another far walk…) where he wanted to catch a movie. harry potter that is…

those who know me, will be surprised that i actually consented to watching such a show.

lao niang bimbo. doesnt watch harry potter, star wars or lord of the rings.

but he’s the king for the day so i had to watch the show. prince 1 at shaw brothers is a rather big theatre. from what he says, it is the biggest movie theatre in singapore.

how’s the show like?

ok i guess? i think i need to read the books. dunno what happened earlier in the show.. but i managed to grasp the concept.

reached home around 9ish and i concussed at 10plus.

tired! i need sleep!

and that is the end of the bloody long weekend.

8 thoughts on “the bloody long weekend part three”

  1. It doesn’t all that bad. And it sucks when oneself isn’t the ruling sovereign power on where to go. Then you have to get dragged to all these places and do all the things you’d rather not do. On the other hand, serfs don’t have to think of what to do for the weekend.


  2. winter> muahahahaaa.

    km> hahaha. i got forced to go there. sobz.

    greenogre> true true 😉

    sassyjan> maybe u were taking breaks? 🙂

    callandor> u wait long long!


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