Yours truly...

will be going back to work tomolo..

boss actually msg-ed me tat i can rest at home but decided to try going to work first..

somehow there seems to be white substance growing on de wound..

i dunno if that is pus or its healing..

oh well..

birthday party on the 5th!

so far, response has been good, even over-whelming… but however, dunno if there will be some last minute ‘no-show ups’..

argh. some asking me what i want!!

*paiseh wor*

anyway, to make things easier, here are the list of things that i do NOT want…

1. stuffed toys
2. dolls
3. a cat (yes, i have offers on whether i want another cat. -_-“)
4. earrings (i have too much. mum threatens to throw them away)
5. food (unfortunately, the onlie food i can eat is icecream and porridge. and i feel like gagging at the tot of those)
6. cds. (i dun listen to cds. i download mp3s. :P)
7. books. (unless u knoe wat i want, dun buy. coz i’ll juz throw to the stack of ‘let’s grow old and mould’.. LOL)


hahaa. there u go. my list of ‘what i do NOT want for my birthday’.

gonna rest.

btw, i lost 3 kg. 😀

hopefully, that will stay. and i can go pierce my ‘slim’ (i hope) belly.. (tat is if i dun chicken out)

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