that thing about botak jones…

a few days ago, some of the barflies were discussing on having lunch at the northside. after hearing this, i immediately wanted to join them. of course lah, all the rest are working in central area and poor old me always cant join them. expensive you know take cab from bishan to cityhall and back and within 2 hours. *mock sob*

after hearing so much about the famoooose botak jones, we decided to try it out.

mr no2slack aka mr i dock my poor puppies tails aka mr evurl was really sweet to pick me up and send me back. thanks! šŸ™‚ and we met darkelfin aka mr lotsa sexual innuendos fella, sassyjan aka ARGH! DOG!, tigerkiller aka kena blame for everything fella and qiaoyun aka ms i shall bring a knife to protect myself and a surprise guest… bearbear! usually im quite scared of big dogs however i took to bearbear quickly. perhaps it was bearbear looking oh so cute and quiet and sleepy…

here are some pics of the yummy food!

i had the botak burger meal which consist of the burger, fries (which tastes like potatochip fries due to the seasoning) and coleslaw…

while no2slack had the double botak burger. lol. the satay stick is supposed to hold the burger but the burger kept sliding off and we had to ‘restick’ it.

darkelfin had the steak. looks damn good lor. i should have ordered it. damn!

tk and sassyjan had the lamb..

i totally forgot to take pics of qiaoyun’s cajun chicken. was too busy taking pics of bearbear that i had also forgotten to take pics of my lunch kakis! *paiseh paiseh*

while we were chit chatting, i kept peeping at bearbear, he was sleeping in many diff positions and i was quite amused by the fact that he had no tail…. till… i heard the whole story of docking.


anyway, the object of my affections. well, to be exact my camera’s affections today.

cute aint he? i love his weird ‘eyebrows’. sooooo cute! maybe one day i should head down to bishan park and meet the rest of the cute doggies. šŸ˜‰

after the rather sinful lunch, poor no2slack had to send me back to office again. thx!

and after i got home, i realised my shades finally arrived! woooottttttt! groovy baby!

muahahahaaaa. yes yes camwhore. i know. šŸ˜‰

6 thoughts on “that thing about botak jones…”

  1. Come…. come to the dog side…. it is your destiny….. *breathe* *breathe*

    nadnut: hahahaa. i wanna keep a kitty and a puppy next time. :)ƂĀ 


  2. Good food makes a happy person. My my. U must be an awfully joyious person.

    Its making me hungry as well… Fish and chips for me.

    Photo-ho?i bet u can do better than that. hah

    nadnut: hahahaa. not that joyous yet. šŸ˜› u havent seen my camwhorish days ah?ƂĀ 


  3. the food looks sinfully goood!

    plus cute dog as well! what is his/her name?

    nadnut: yeah! rather sinful meal. the dog\’s name is bearbear. heh.ƂĀ 


  4. NAD!!!
    ok, it\’s 11.30pm on a sunday night!
    i had kfc for dinner and some kit kat an hour back and now!!!!
    after looking at your pics, i feel HUNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRY all over again!!!!!

    looks really good! the cheese coated beef patty!
    ooh yum!
    They really ought to pay you for this!

    nadnut: heh. they should hor!ƂĀ 


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