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Must eat in Florence: The legendary Florentine Steak

This is a Thursday’s Travels – Anything about previous, current and future (upcoming) travel exploits entry under my Travel themed blog posts! For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

As mentioned in my last entry on #nadskaihoneymoon, we ate a LOT of stuff in Florence, Italy. While researching for things to ate, Florentine steak kept popping out in our results.

I did some reading and found out that the Florentine Steak is also known as the T-bone steak. It takes a long time to prepare and one of Florence’s speciality. And it is HUGE.




It is THIS huge! As a huge steak lover, Skai aka c(hubby) and I knew we HAD to try this and it didn’t disappoint. The Florentine steak was perfect to share between the both of us and was prepared to perfection.

We ordered a medium rare which came out perfect. The only hassle was the huge bone. As someone who is used (well spoilt) to tenderloins, I found it a bit mafan. Well, that’s what husbands are for! Chopping up the meat :p

The steak came with a healthy amount of potatoes but honestly, I would leave those for last. We nearly couldn’t finish our steak, let alone the potatoes!


Florentine steak is best enjoyed with a glass of red. So do knock yourself out with wine (it’s cheap!) there.

I’ll soon be blogging about Florence’s other attractions in my other Thursday’s Travels entries! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment in this entry. I will be blogging about the things to do in Florence soon! We visited Factory outlets, the statue of David, the Leaning Tower of Pisa etc! Do check it out soon!

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