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how to pronounce nadnut?

many people i know online when meeting me will call me by my online nick : nadnut.

but but but but… they pronounce my nick wrongly! usually they’ll pronounce it ‘net-nut‘. wrong wrong wrong! not that i’m anal about it but i just have to correct them…

how was nadnut derived?

as you know my name is nadia.. friends call me nad and some call me nadnad. i wanted to use nadnad then but thought it would nicer to change it a bit and nobody used nadnut then.

so basically… you pronounce nad the same way you pronounced the ‘nad’ from nadia. and in a way it sounds like nutnut.

there you go. nutnut not netnut. 🙂




  1. strange that pple would call u netnut!

    u go nut!

    nadnut: hahaha. yeah. but it seems majority of the people i meet pronounce nadnut that way.


  2. i thought it would be net-nut as well.
    good to have it all cleared..

    nadnut: hahaha let me guess u thought its pronounced as net because it rhymes with mad? lol.


  3. erm… whatever makes you happy, girl. 😀

    at least now i know how to call you when we meet up and save myself a kick in the head and embarrassment. 😀


  4. netnut, so sorry for getting it wrong. i always thought that netnut is the right way to do it. don’t worry i will remember not to call you netnut again. Ok no more netnut…ya btw have a nice day netnut 🙂


  5. I also pronounced it as net-nut.. then mandy kept saying “nut” nut… nadia, nad. Haha.

    Don’t know why see nad think of net… then it should be na-d right?

    I want botak jonessssssss


  6. wah. now nadnut also not happy ah. HAHA.. u ah. so cute la. eh must meet up soon ya. go shopping together? okie? or THAILAND. gosh. i so wanna go. wheeeeeeee!!!


  7. hi hi!
    I talk crap so don’t take it seriously. The thing is whatever nut they call you, I think its still okay! 🙂
    ahaha, u so cute.

    When u pronounce Nadia, it will be Na-di-a. So, if your name is Natia, it will be Na-ti-a.
    So if it is nadnut, it will be Nut-nut!