Anyone here plays Professor Layton?

I did (and completed. woo hoo!) and I totally love this comic.

Penny Arcade, one of my 3 favourite webcomics.

And oh btw, Unexpected Australia is featured on The Sunday Times (today lah dey!), page 13 of Lifestyle. Huge ass pic of Jen jen, Petrina and I and they spelled my name wrongly. Why am I not surprised? They spelt my name wrongly on the itinerary, during the check-in at hotels, the sign that the pick up was holding and now in the papers. Brrr. You would have thought that they would have gotten it correct in the end but noooooo, it’s still wrong. *miffed*

Surprisingly the previous few articles in the papers had my name spelled correctly. That’s it, I shall never give out my full name again. I shall give it as just Nadia. That’s it. If they can’t spell it correctly, why bother? My dad saw the papers and said: “They spelt it wrongly! Sue them!”. LOL.

Ok, back to the horrible academic journals. I’m only just reading them! I haven’t even started analysing anything or even started the damn assignment. Zzz. AFK!

5 thoughts on “Anyone here plays Professor Layton?”

  1. I’m slightly more than halfway through Professor Layton! But then nowadays i’m getting distracted by Imagine: Fashion Designer and Scrabble. :p


  2. Hi Nadia! I have been trying to get that Professor Layton game.. thought of d/ling it.. but some error came up.. heh heh.. im sucha cheapskate!


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