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Kelly Clarkson live!

I’ve always been a fan of concerts. I love live concerts, plays etc and would always jump at the opportunity to attend them.

Holly Jean, Mariam and I went to the Kelly Clarkson recently. Thanks to make.believe, I got to attend her concert!

Sadly Shawn was working and couldn’t join us.

My outfit of the day. Grey dress from KL. Leggings from Bugis Street. Shoes from Japan. Bangles from Bali. Bag from Bugis Street.

Holly and me.

I was kinda sad because the Indoor Stadium people didn’t allow me to bring my Sony Alpha in! Bah. You guys gotta settle with blur pics of Kelly instead! 🙁

The crowd absolutely adored her!

She is amazing! Totally blew me away.

I was singing along to hits like  “Since you’ve been gone”, “Break Away” and my personal favourite “Because of You”.

Really enjoyed myself. Hope she’ll be back soon!

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