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as much as i want to, i tink its betta that i wont mention de name of my new company (that is if i accept it) here.

with all de hoo-hah over being sued over blogging. betta not take chances.

all i can say is that…


if i accept it of coz.

now how am i gonna break de news to my current company? sighz. shall juz say i got a betta offer.

i feel like a big meanie. but my future boss has already accepted my ‘leave’ in july. PHUKET!!!!

de sun, de sand and de sea.

cant wait for friday. mr ah chan aka kenny chan mali chan, ariel and his fren will be going for buffet!!!! yum!

time to stuff my tummy.

and i havent exercised de whole of last week and tis week.

bah. OT = no exercise.

perhaps wiv de extra pay, i should take a gym membership or some cardio class. hmmmm.

will consider.

de park is juz tooo dark and creepy to continue jogging. im like always looking behind my shoulders when i jog.

juz incase.


to those in de same company, juniors and coursemates or schoolmates. will hope to meet up for lunch!!!!

if i accept it of coz.

to those who tink im strong. im not. juz coping wiv it.

and it makes it easier to be happy when things seem to go right for me.

latest count. 3 broken relationships within tis 2 months. like wtf????

men are jerks. speaking of jerks. i THINK i saw my ex (the cheating one) working at mcdonalds east coast. mr kenny chan refuses to go wiv me to get a closer look. bah.


someone asked me once..

‘wat do u wanna be when u grow up?’

guess what i answered?

‘a tai-tai or a corporate bitch’

wahahhahaa. anyway, migraines seem to strike me a lot after de breakup with old what-his-name.

relax. destress. relax. destress.

there is more to life than mourning over him/hating him/missing him..

feel so silly… hahhaaa.

muz have a celebration should i accept my position!

sings: lets have a celebration by the sea… oommm by de sea…. and get together in peace and harmonyyyyy… a celebration coming, will have some fun… saying ooooh-ooooh….

lyrics are wrong. onlie remember bits of de song…. remembered singing tis song when i was 12. 9 years ago!!!

haha. craving for red meat!!! steak i need u!

argh. migraine.

mr kenny chan is so vain. he asked me change my layout. as in his pic on my blog. -_-“

hmmmph. wun change. but here’s more nicer pics of him to redeem his ego.

*shakes head. guys are weird*

anyway, he complained that i put too much ‘act cool’ or ‘good gerl’ pics. so i added some bleah pics of me… hahaha.

if it aint enuf… here’s more…

and i stole de idea for my layout from tis! saw tis cute postcard while roaming changi airport wiv kenny for no rhyme or reason. yes. we were THAT bored.

leaving u with…. me! did a bit of photoshop. why cant i get de vectorised image? BLEAH! hahaha..

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