that thing about THAT teeshirt…

its official. im sick. woke up this morning feeling giddy and decided to call in sick. was in a rush to get to the docs quick that i rushed off without noticing wht i was really wearing.

just grabbed a tee, shorts and a cap and off i went.

in the end, had to wait a tmd 1 hour. loads of meds. i noticed many women laughing at me and poking their hubbies/bfs/significant others to look at me.

tmd. i know i never wear makeup la, my face is covered in zits and my hair resembles a bird nest lah. need u laugh at me? grr.

decided to take a slow walk back from the clinic back home… the same thing happened. pulled my cap lower and walked faster.


when i reached home and changed.. i realised what i was wearing.

soooo they were laughing at the tee and not at me. no wonder. paranoid nad strikes again.


  1. self-paranoia.

    when ppl keep lookin at me. the first thing i check is my fly.

    nadnut: and ill wonder if i have eyeshit, something stucked in my teeth or what. lol. 


  2. I want the tee!!!

    take care of ur health!

    nadnut: hahahaa. bought long time ago. there was also this tee that said: support the arts. sleep with a musician. LOL! 


  3. I beg to differ on that subject.

    I for one don\’t lie.

    I simply bend the truth to what one wishes to hear. 😛

    But then again I ain\’t no boy.

    lol Get well soon.

    nadnut: hahahaaa. kanasai!  


  4. mean it is lie as in not telling the truth..

    i thought it was lie down that lie….hahaa 😛

    nadnut: u dirtyminded lah u. tsk tsk tsk. poor evie…