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that thing about birthdays…

a much belated post on jack’s and mingli’s birthday.

last week, it was jack’s 21st birhday and he celebrated it at the beaufort. he had booked an executive suite (and i had forgotten to take pictures of it!).

when i reached his suite, guess who/what greeted me? it was jack’s new maltese named lucky (i disagreed and suggested that they call it scruffy! he looks so scruffy to me!). lucky has to be the cutest dog alive! infact, everyone was busy playing with it that we kinda neglected the birthday boy. =P

he had sneaked in catered food into his room without being caught and a dog. (!!!) and to add on to it, about say at least 15 more people. it was a miracle that we did not get caught.

after staying for a few hours, i headed off from sentosa to good old holland v. went off for my weekly wala episode.

sadly there was a raid and they only allowed 150 people to be at the upper section.

so… i waited..

and waited…

and waited…

and finally went upstairs!

there were much drinking, joking, dancing and good old fun. and of course… the good music by the unXpected.

soon much later… there was a guest appearance by a certain malaysian blogger.. kennysia of course!

really nice chap who didnt even lose his temper when bullied and pinched by me some other people.

kennysia and the unXpected

after wala, i headed back to good old sentosa. reached the suite and was greeted by the sight of empty liquor bottles and the promise to make me drunk. (!!!!!!)

i was a tad intoxicated after wala and decided to feign being drunk to avoid being ‘hooted’.

rushed to the bathroom and took a looooooong bath. and guess what, after that, they were still drinking! a good friend of mine was so intoxicated that he kept nodding off during the game and they still woke him up and forced him to continue playing!

yes. i have EVURL friends!

i smartly decided to attack some leftover tofu and refused any games. at the end of the game, i must have devoured enough tofu to feel like a tofu. the friend had completely concussed and the birthday boy was being traumatised by me. hah! because i kept teasing his girlfriend. he probably felt that we were getting too ‘lesbian-ly’ for his comfort.

wahhahaaaha! *cough*

it was great having a suite instead of a normal chalet for once. we need not have to squeeze together finding ample sleeping space or perspiring in the damn humid chalet.

damn comfy. lotsa sofabeds.


so the next day, we celebrated mingli’s birthday. we met in town for some belly-filling moments. lunch was at marche and we adjourned to bakerz inn for some sinful desserts.

plates after plates appeared. sinful indeed.

it was a nice celebration for the 2 birthday peeps that weekend. cosy, comfortable and sweet. it’s not always we get to meet up often and sometimes all of us including myself tend to forget to update one another, keep in touch and meet up often.

some precious pictures to share with others…

birthday celebrations!

at bakerz inn…

birthday celebrations again!

the group! angeline, arthur, jack, lydia, mingli, pearl and yours truly…

happy birthday jack and mingli!

and the sinful desserts. pure indulgence!


pure bliss!

an instant of gratification

cant wait for the xmas celebration with you guys 😉

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