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curse of the golden flower can…

im itching to start a meme. (an excuse to camwhore)

would you support me if i do so?

post up pics of you with redbull. if your analnonymous or not camera friendly, you can use your softtoy, cats, dogs, waterbottle, whatnots or what nots. but the main point is, pics of you with redbull, you can pose with it, drink it, balance it on your head, whatever you want to do. IF you are anonymous, then post something of yours WITH redbull.

an example: (old pic taken with redbull, shall take new pics)



post it up on flickr and label it : nadnutlovesredbull

and if you want to, post it up on your blog too!

and oh, if you dont drink redbull, you can always pass me the drink. im tagging everyone who reads me. muahahhaaa.

REMEMBER! its redbull. no other drinks allowed!

im gonna buy redbull tonight and post it up soon! heh. tag me once you’re done. REMEMBER! post it up on flickr and label it nadnutlovesredbull! i’ll compile it and post it up on my blog. if the response is good, im gonna use it as my banner!

love ya! <3

14 thoughts on “curse of the golden flower can…”

  1. er.. does this means that I have to go to the supermarket on purpose to buy a can of redbull which I\’ve never drink before and pose with it or get something to pose with it? NB!!

    nadnut: yeap!


  2. when did i cheat… you said post anything with red bull ma.. lolx

    i putted in effort to find the brochure leh.. you try finding the brochure.. not easily found ok..


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