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1 day to flee-dom!

i nearly threw a bitch-fit at work yesterday. lol. it has been a very sucky week. coupled with sucky projectmates.. *shakes head*

i have loads to clear at work. madness. loads of work to download, loads of my junk to lug back.

some of the junk i threw.

time to clear these files.

part one of the messy table

part two. i really should start to be more neater and cleaner.

my messy table and i.

as the days passed, im feeling sad that i’m leaving, stressed that i cant finish my work/clear my table, worried about my event and happy cause i’m leaving! mixed emotions man.

won’t be seeing this place no more.

goodbye emco. 🙁

goodbye ugly transvesite looking staff pass!

i’ll miss this sweetie!

i was planning to do a lot of things tomorrow. finish up my handover, clear 2.5 years of emails and stuff on my pc and junk in my cubicle.

i wanted to spring a surprise on cruz by visiting him at the studio tomorrow but i read from his blog that he’s travelling tomorrow.

wah lao. sad-ed. last day tomorrow.. bah.

there were good times and there were bad. but emco is really a good place to build one’s resume. all i can say…

goodbye (nice people) and good riddance (bloody bitches). a new chapter begins soon… now thinking, should i work for my friend? he wants me to do marketing (temp) for his newly setup company for a while. hmmmm.

should i?

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