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that thing about shopping…

sunday, i met curiousgeorge for some shopping. she had seduced me into going to the LOREAL fair at expo.

things there were dirt cheap! tsk tsk.

i grabbed this and that and when i went to the counter.. i got a shock. the bill came up to close to 200 bucks. *chokes*

this is what i bought…

things i bought.

consoled myself by checking out the retail price of the items. saved at least 2 times what i spent. went for some steak and a good milkshake at billybombers with cg and km. felt much better. i expected to spend say 50 bucks. didnt expect to spend so much.

oh well. saved in the long term. good buy!


got milk? 😉

curiousgeorge’s version here!

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