that thing about ASSuming…

i’m so pissed off!

i wanted to blog a nice happy blog today… cause jaywalk made my day yesterday….

he had an agent nadnut post…

which cheered up my day as compared to a grumpy wednesday.

why was i grumpy on wednesday? because of some offensive remarks pinpointed to me in the bar.

firstly, i am not a clown. i am not in the bar to provide joy and laughter to everyone at my own expense. i do not like being teased all the time by every tom, dick or harry.

sometimes the ‘teases’ get downright insulting, insensitive and plain offensive.

if it was some joke which i indirectly caused (like sakit tolong or boys lie), i’m ok with it. i did the boo-boo or blunder, sure, crack a joke and laugh WITH me.

not at me.

i have feelings too. some comments do hurt. how can i not take it personally?

and some comments (or teases) are just redundant. what’s with the armpits joke? i fail to see any humour in that.

you wanna poke fun at me being short or fat, i understand. i AM short and fat. like perhaps when i stand infront of a tall barfly, i’m a tee-shirt. i geddit.

but one “joke” i find really offensive was the “nad’s nipples are cute”.


firstly, i fail to see ANY humour in the comment above.

secondly, it is not right for anyone to comment on that certain part of the atonomy on a girl. it is offensive and distasteful. for christ sakes, it is not even a fucking joke at all!

thirdly, this will bring the wrong assumption of there is something more to it with the person who commented.

call me sensitive, anal, petty or whatever. this is how i feel.

if there was a joke on how nipples were pinched, and if a fella commented ‘later we guys pinch your nipples then you know’, i understand the buildup to that.

but why all out of a sudden? “nad’s nipples are cute”?


i really had it enough. i tried to be patient. fine, u wanna joke about me once in a while, it doesnt matter. afterall, we all joke about one another at some point of time.

but not when it is freaking everyday. and when it is crude, tasteless or insensitive jokes.

i have feelings ok?! cant u guys disturb someone else for a change or actually talk about other stuff? i didnt join the bar to be teased or made fun of. nor did i join the bar to be your clown.

infact, i didnt want to make a big matter aside from blogging a short post to rant out my feelings.

i was feeling better and even boycotted the bar a bit to get rid of my negative feelings. [and it was sweet to have a ‘be nice to nad day’. ;)]

until today, i saw a comment from brennan. (since u like to link people and post up their posts/comments, i shall pay you the same respect)

he had commented here.

and if your lazy to click it, here is his comments.

Brennan Says:
November 17th, 2005 at 2:34 am
Chill. Nothing personal, remember?

inwhich i replied.

nadnut Says:
November 17th, 2005 at 9:34 am
brennan> when it gets offensive, its personal.

to me, if there is any comments anywhere, in the bar, blogs, msn or wherever, if it gets offensive, it IS personal.

and he commented yet again.

Brennan Says:
November 18th, 2005 at 2:02 am
pardon the tone of my impending comment…

if you find offence in plain words, i pity you.

nadnut Says:
November 18th, 2005 at 8:38 am
brennan> … i pity you now. cause u just ASSumed that i’m mad at you.

he was not the one who commented on me. but yet he had assumed that i wrote about him and even blogged a whole entry and linked me.

before you jump to conclusions, couldnt you spare a few minutes to sms/msn/email to check whats going on?

i am on msn practically 18 hours a day. there is NO excuse in not checking with me on the matter.

so yes, i’m now pissed off at two matters. thanks a lot GUYS for being sensitive and caring as usual.

*mutters asshole*

edit: awwwwwwww!

frenie so sweetly sang a song for me!!!!

here’s the lyrics!

Don’t be angry
Just ignore the assholes
There isn’t an asshole worth it
For you to be so angry
So stay happy
For nad

wanna hear it?

click here!


thanks sweetie!!!!! *muackz*

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  1. after reading jaywalks post, u oso hv a due malaysian bubblegum still wif mi leh… i think hor can throw liow…

    cheer up gal…

    ps: my virgin comment on ur blog leh… 😛


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