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So… the whole ROM shebang has blown over with the last of the updates a few months ago. Friends have been asking me, what’s next Nadia?

Close friends would have known this, the boy and I have always had one date in mind. Since we got engaged, we wanted to get married on 1st March 2014.

But because the date was rather far away, we decided to have our ROM on 10.11.12 and follow up the traditional banquet on 01.03.14 (GEDDIT 10 11 12 13 14!)

We’ve booked our dinner since January and we’re going for our wedding photoshoot in Korea in May. More updates to come soon 🙂 Now we’re searching for:

– AD Photographer
– AD Videographer
– AD bridal services
– Transport
– Live band
– Photobooth

Hope to be able to get some recommendations as it will really help our research! Also, if any wedding sponsors are keen, we’ll be extremely glad! Feel free to contact me if you’re keen! 😀

Thanks everyone for your recommendations!! <3 And yes, we’ll be tagging all AD updates with #project1314. 😀

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  1. hi, for live band you can look for eithernn nn


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