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Our wedding prep video #2

IF you guys haven’t seen the first vid, please watch before watching this one!

Skai & Nadia Webisode Two- ROM Dress & Bouquet! from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

In this episode by The Wedding Paparazzi, I will show you guys my altered dress. It’s actually a dress I wore for my engagement shoot a few months back. Got it altered as it was too loose and changed the neckline to a sweetheart neckline.

Funny thing.. the dress cost S$20 (I’m a resourceful bride. Even helped my BFF and colleague buy their wedding dresses at a steal for them ;)) and the alteration cost S$60. 3 times the price of the dress! In any case, the dress is still way cheaper than renting in SG. Muahahaha.

Here you’ll also see Shanobyl, my long time blogfriend who has made some lovely ribbon roses corsages, bouquet for me! If you like your very own, check out her website now! Check out her blog entry on my roses here!

One last episode before.. the actual day! Check it out soon! I am using this fun Wedding app called Wedding Party! Feel free to join! All you’ll have to do is download “Wedding Party” via Appstore (only for Apple devices currently, sorry!) and enter ‘nadskai‘ to join our party!

Btw I’m currently using NuffnangX! Follow me here! Download NuffnangX (available on iPhone and Android) and follow “nadnut”! You’ll get updates as soon as I blog and you can leave comments easily there!

16 thoughts on “Our wedding prep video #2”

  1. Wow you really lost alot of weight! Please do share on how to lose the final 5kg.. It’s so tough~ you’re an inspiration! Keep it up and congratulations! you look so blessed ^^


  2. Hi! I bought a size bigger which was a wrong move. Had to alter it -_-. Bought a size M. I’m a size S now..


  3. Thanks! I haven’t lost any additional weight since the 11kg in July :/ think i’ve hit my plateau. nnFor me, i cut down on carbs and workout. Cardio and weights 🙂


  4. Oh man…how did you get your dress at $20?! Did you get a regular dress and altered it to suit what you wanted?


  5. I bought my dress from china, taobao! It was only twenty bucks but was a bit loose. The alteration (in Singapore) cost $60. Zzzz


  6. Oh! Do you have a specific merchant you buy from? I’m a bit skeptical about Taobao and Yahoo Taiwan sellers. Most seem to offer clothing of sub-standard quality.


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